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Jason Tryhard Jason Tryhard
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A Tale of Fantasy: The Seven Masters of Magic II

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This is part 3 of a list of short stories of my Tale of Fantasy universe. I hope it is not that bad of a read! Let me know.

In a grand yet dark hall where the 7 Masters each in their respected uniforms sat around a half complete circle table made of stone. All was dark except for the center where the Boy sat, shivering with nothing but the rags he was brought in with to keep him warm. A single shine of light fell from the but a small cared hole in the ceiling directly above him. The light revealed all who sat in what was called the reveal. The chair in which he sat was narrow and green with only three legs that crossed each other numerously as they met the floor of such a judgmental room.

Braitin the First Master of Enlightenment sat in his white robe emotionless peering in to the boys eyes.
Braitin: You may try to lie boy...But I can see the truth as your eyes do not lie. You must not speak a word if secrets is what you will try to protect.

       The Boy heard such words deep in to his heart as if they were piercing in to his soul. Still keeping eye contact Braitin an older man obviously blind with only white in his eyes some how forced the boy to peer and not break eye contact. He afraid felt the will to look away yet could not as he remained in the three legged chair in an almost hypnotic state.

Braitin: Your soul is one of peace, this I do see but your intent is not all that is revealed to I. Your name Is Devrox, You come from the darkness yet were born of light.

       As such truths were pulled out of him with simply a gaze the piercing feeling grew deeper in an almost painful way.

Braitin: I advice you to speak, for I can see all through your eyes yet it will not be pleasant.

       The Boy known as Devrox knew he had to speak yet shivering not only in cold but fear as he clenched his now bandaged wounds with not one foot on the ground he huddled himself in the seat of the chair. Braitin giving trust broke his graze which was quickly followed by Devrox tucking his head down within his crossed arms in relief. The room remained silent for a moment before the crackle of a fearful yet innocent voice came from the frightened Devrox.

Devrox: I...Was sent here. To deliver a message, from my mo-mother.

       Braiting from under his robe pulled out a torn black piece of paper in which Devrox was found clenching in his hands.

Braitin: This is A dark piece of magic, only place upon by Demons of Dark bringer sorcery.

Devrox: I was, I was told by the one who raised I. That only the Aer could break the seal and read what was written in demonic blood.

       A hand came from the left of Braitin who now had his gaze on the paper. The hand quickly snatched it from his grasp and pulled it close the Master next to him.

Braitin: Master Cervel, your rude antics should not be displayed here.

       Braitin forcefully spoke as Master Cervel who was covered in a black two piece robe with white outlining upon his cuffs simply brushed off Braitin for as Braitin were to continue to speak Cervel rudely interrupted.

Cervel: This is a powerful enchantment! But I can break it, there is no enchantment that is powerful enough to keep its secrets from me.

       He spoke as courteously brushed the black paper so close to his face that it touched the lens of his gold rimmed glasses. Braitin letting Cervels disruptive behavior go shook his head as he he spoke.

Braitin: Devrox I believe you should be introduced to the Masters of Magic. I am Braiting the First Master of Enlightenment. This one to my right is Zeroumus the Second Master of Defense. To my left is Cervel, the Third Master of exorcism. Next to him is Glain Fourth Master of Healing and divination. Yulin Fifth Master of Light, Pon Sixth Master of knowledge, and Helios the Seventh Master of Air...Now that we are all introduced I believe it is time you told your story dear Devrox.

       Devrox lifted his head as one by one they were introduced and studied them all closely. Zeroumus was the only one not in complete cloth. His shoulders and chest were braided with steel, an old uniform like robe with marks of battle on both cloth and flesh as his face was scared with many wounds of blade and element. Marks of burning flesh seemed to run down from his left eye and yet half his face from his nose down was covered with tightly fit chain mail that matched with the dull ash color of his robes. Cervel seemed to be the youngest of them, as all the others seemed to be almost elderly he was of youth. Being the only one not to show signs of introduction. He had a pale complexion that fit with his almost scrawny build. His almost ritual robes seemed a bit too big for him as they hung from his body and the sleeves seemed to get in the way as he tried to continue his examination of the black paper. He seemed to be extremely less experience and his thin red receding hair did not help his complexion at all. Glain was the most noticeable. Her red robes were almost as distracting as A gaze from Braitin, Her's seemed more fitted yet her eyes and almost all of her face was covered by her golden hair as a small matching red hat with a gold trim laid on her head. She had a look of mystery but just like Braitin she seemed to see all without the use of her eyes although she seemed almost restless. Her hands covered by gold gloves twirled a small waxed stick between her fingers, twirling it from one hand to another.
       At the far right was Yulin Only by her figure could one tell that she was a woman. Her being the master of light it seemed almost ironic, she sat there in a dark robe with a black hood covering her face as her hands laid at her lap, as her name was called she simply nodded her head, one could not see her face for it seemed as if beyond the hood there was only darkness, she frightened Devrox the most. Than there was Pon and Helios, both sat next to one another and by their facial features and body size were exactly the same, yet Pon was bald and Helios had long white hair. Pon wearing a brown robe and helios in exactly the same robe only a dark olive green color. They sat alike as well with one hand on the stone table that laid before them and another on their lap. They even both greeted Devrox in sync of one another with a simple hand gesture, waving hello.        
       These were the 7 Masters of Magic the most powerful of the Aer Kingdom. Here they stood all surrounding this still frightened Boy. Waiting for his silence to come to an end...

Braitin: Devrox...You have remained silent long enough...

Devrox: Okay, I was birthed in to this world by an absence known as Rith.

       As soon as he spoke the feeling in the room changed. Both Pon and Helios looked at one another as Cervel stopped his seemingly endless examination of the paper and looked forward towards Devrox.

Cervel: Go on!

       Cervel said with intrigue as he leaned forward out of his seat.

Devrox: My mother knowing that a Light Bringer born of Demonic decent would be murdered as an abomination. She fled to the peaks of night where the wolf tribe lived and made a deal with the Alpha, the werewolf who raised me known as Lupus.

       Zeroumus fists clenched in anger as Devrox continued.

Devrox: In exchange for allowing me to be excepted within the tribe my mother would sacrifice half her spirit to create what we called the Alpha fire, a constant flame to ward off Demons as only werewolves can bare the sight of light.

       Braitin noticing Zeroumus frustrations placed his hand over Zeroumus clenched fist from under the table. Zeroumus upon the feeling of Braitin's hand pushed it away before gazing downward in attempt to hide his face. Devrox voice seemed more crackling than usual and seemed as if it was slowly becoming harder for him to speak as he continued.

Devrox: I did not know of my mother until but a few house ago. Lupus told me all as he than said when I was to become of age I a light Bringer was to carry the darkened note to you, the Aer Masters. I do not know what it is but he pulled it out of the fire with his bare hands and sacrificed his bravest of wolves to get me here. He said it was what my mother gave her spirit for...So now, here I am...I have no idea what to do.

       All remained silent with the exception of Cervel who slowly clapped his hands as if he had saw a play.

Cervel: I must inspect Devrox alone!

Braitin: We are not done here.

Zeroumus: I feel as if we are...

Cervel: Zeroumus do not be so feisty, there is much I have to determine of little Devrox here.

Glain: No matter A proper continuation of his medical treatment must come first.

Cervel: Dashes! I guess I will have to setting with this gift he brought me for the mean time.
       Cervel said as he dangled the paper between his fingers.

Braitin: I believe a proper judgement cannot be passed until you complete your work Master Cervel.

Cervel: I will make sure to get right on that if the Masters do not mind.

       Without consent Cervel jumped out of his seat with paper in hand and quickly exited the room through an almost invisible door that stood right behind the Masters. As he opened it light came through the other side. At the sight of so much light Devrox became almost blind and fell off the chair and quickly crawled to the darkest corner of the room. braitin quickly stood and threw his outer robe covering Devrox from the light.

Zeroumus: Born a light bringer, yet always of darkness...

       All the remaining masters rose. Most exited without a word said but Glain and Braitin remained.

Glain: now now Devrox we must get you to the temple of healing it will be easier if you slept.

Glain elegantly moved her hand forward towards Devrox, as it fully extended his shivering body became limp under the robes of Braitin.

Braitin: take care of him, I see no ill intent in his heart.

       Glain waved her hand once again as Devrox seemed to disappear leaving only robes. Glain quickly exited as Devrox was transported to her temple.  

Braitin: Now it is only us, Rith Demon of Absence...

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