Paul Butters Paul Butters
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Is this all okay or is it too fast for folk? I admit to switching direction very rapidly at times.

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Paul Butters Paul Butters
Recommendations: 3

Marinia 7 Part 2

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She had a friend.

I saw something on telly...and decided to follow on from "Marinia 7"...

In “Marinia 7” the space-timeship “Leeds” landed on an unexplored super-Earth waterworld. More accurately, it came to rest on one of many “coral” islands that provided “land”. Pilots Dave Smethurst and Pete Smith met an airborne “dolphin” called Fast Fin. She showed them amazing powers…

It had been quite a day. Dave Smethurst and Pete Smith were now soundly asleep in their shared (single bed) accommodation kindly provided by their alien hosts. They were both disturbed by some bizarre dreams of course. After all, had not “Fast Fin” the lady dolphin shown them some remarkable powers of telepathy, telekinesis and even teleportation?

In the blink of an eye Fast fin had used her mind to take them on a visit to the nearest life-bearing planet, revolving round a red dwarf. As she said, “Who needs technology?”

After those amazing demonstrations they had simply partied long and hard with the local natives who called this planet “Flotia”. (On Earth of course it was titled “Marinia 7”).

But WHOAH! Talk of “floating”, Dave suddenly found himself floating near the ceiling of their room. Bad dream. Like when you were a kid Dave! Get a grip man.
Dave turned his head, or so it seemed, and there was Pete floating alongside him!

Dave: “Pete!”

Pete (he turned): “Dave???”

Fast Fin (as she floated into view): “Relax gentlemen. Everything is under control.”
Dave looked down. Directly below him was his own sleeping body. And there in the next bed was Pete’s!

Fast Fin: “Sorry to shock you boys again. It’s another of my talents. We three souls are sharing what you would call an out of body experience. Sorry again for doing this to you, er, again. I’ve got something to show you.”

She turned away from them and stared at the wall. Immediately a piercing white light appeared, and expanded into an orb about five yards across. It was just like one of those descriptions of a near-death experience.

Fast Fin: “You two come with me!”

She needn’t have said that. They were helpless any way. Instantly they were speeding down this bright-white “wormhole”. And soon they “emerged” from this light into another world: of sunlit green mountains, trees and grass. They were hovering over a beautiful hillside, part of a range of hills flanked by a sea.

Fast Fin: “Welcome to Heaven, gentlemen.”

Pete: “Heaven?”

Fast Fin: “Yes Pete, this place has many names, but for you I’m calling it Heaven.”

They looked around, trying their best to adapt to another great shock rendered upon them by their hostess in chief. But soon, Dave pointed out some sort of great cloud that was now floating towards them with some haste.

As it approached, they could see that it wasn’t a cloud but a swarm. Not of insects however. It was a swirling mass of people and animals.

And finally, as the “cloud” came near, they could make out that those people at the front were some of their own dead relatives! Alongside these human spirits they recognised several family pets who had also passed on.

Dave’s late Mum stepped forward in front of the others.

Dave’s Mum: “What are you doing here Dave? Surely it’s not your time.”

Dave: “It isn’t Mum. I hope…”

He turned to Fast Fin.

Dave: “Is it?”

Fast Fin: “Of course not Dave. (She turned to Dave’s Mum). I brought Dave here, Mum. We are only visiting…”

Suddenly a large Dolphin shot into position between the two groups.

Dolphin: “Fast Fin. Just what do you think you are doing? We’ve told you before, this is much too dangerous! If you don’t find your way back, who knows what will happen?”

Fast Fin: “But Grandad, these are very special visitors, from a world hundreds of light years away…

Grandad Dolphin: “So what? It’s still too dangerous. The fact that it’s a First Contact makes it ****** reckless!”

However, unpromising as these opening exchanges were, Fast Fin in particular managed to calm everyone down. Before long it was hugs and kisses (or the equivalent) all round.

After lots of frantic conversation, though, Fast Fin announced that it was time for her little group to go. Goodbyes were exchanged and Grandad Dolphin made Fast Fin promise this was her last ever visit.

So, into that white light they reluctantly returned. And then shot out of that wormhole, much faster than last time.

Dave blinked. He was already back in his body! Already standing up! In some sort of bunker? Staring at six totally alien humanoids, all dressed in the same military (looking) uniform.

One of them turned to Dave.

Soldier 1: “You alright Krella?”

Five of them looked quizzically at Dave. But the other two looked anxiously from side to side. And Dave suddenly had a damn good idea who those two might be.

Meanwhile back on Marinia 7, in a certain bedroom, two humans known as Dave and Pete sprang awake and turned to one another.

“Pete”: “Who are you?”

“Dave”: “I’m called Krella…” 1 comment

Paul Butters

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