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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Moon: Chapter Three

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Under the Double Star - Chapter One

      Today began like any other day. I woke up way too early, I went to school with way too many stuck up people, and of course one of them got something I had been working so hard to get. For the past few weeks our school has been holding auditions for a school musical. It's supposed to be about an outcast girl who struggles through high school, but grew up to be a writer. I think the moral is you don't need friends to succeed or something like that.

       Paige is your typical airhead, a complete stereotype. With her lengthy blond hair, and shortest possible skirt that was still following the rules. The four inch rule, 'shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least four inches from crotch to cuff.' I on the other hand had Shoulder length brown hair, I was a bit on the heavy side, and I was also averagely smart. So as you can see we were two polar opposites.

       However, we were the only people to try out for the main character, Cathrine. As you can guess I didn't get the part. Making no sense to me, because Paige is so deeply rooted in her peppiness that she can't even pretend to be an outcast if her life depended on it. She turned our day in the life of a real teen to a day in the life of a teenage prostitute It was okay though, because I had a much better part, lighting crew. That meant that through the whole play she's going to look like a character from Avatar.

       I laughed to myself, and turned to my companion. Simian, an extraordinarily smart sixteen year old, six feet tall, with bushy (mistakably gay) blonde hair. it also happens that he has had a crush on me since the first time we met. A sunny day, it was the first day of second grade. Oddly enough since then we've been in the same classes, every single year. Even to this day he is my spanish, math, english, history, science, acting, and even choir.

       "So how do you think the queen over there would look all blue?"      

       He shrugged. " I don't know, do you mean clothes or do you mean whole deal?" He looked at me as I smiled.

       "Ugly, even for her." He must have pictured it in his mind because he grimaced. I smiled as he shook his head. "Yep, definitely ugly!"

       "Good, then it will match her personality." I lifted my hand in a 'whatever' position, and began to speak with a valley girl accent. "And like you know how like important that is." I flipped my hair and blinked several, un-needed blinks.

       Simian started to laugh, catching the eye of a few kids conversing about relatively nothing, in the hall. It didn't matter though, we were always getting looked at through judgmental eyes. No one liked us, and thats how we preferred it. Only, sometimes I found myself wishing that somthing in my life was normal. Both of my parents were dead, and I had come to terms with that. My mother died in some freak car accident, leaving my brother and I in the loving but naive hands of our father. Daddy died two years later fro cancer. One that he neglected to tel anyone about. If the doctor hadn't gone behind dads back and told us just a few days before dads death, then daddy would have taken his secret to the grave. Both parents leaving me to live with my alcoholic, pathetic excuse for a brother. The worst part is all of my family's money goes to him untill i'm eighteen, then I get half of what's left, but knowing him it wont be much.

       Without thinking I frowned in response to the thoughts floating around in my head, and of course Simian noticed, as always. "What's wrong?" He playfully bumped my shoulder.

       "Oh, nothing." I smiled up at him.

       "It didn't seem like nothing, but never mind. Where are you going to go after school, didn't Adam kick you out?"

       I smacked my forehead. "Shit! I totally forgot about that. Damn it!"
       "Well, I can give you a ride somewhere, if you need it."

       "Nah, I'll just walk to my grandma's house, but thanks anyway."

       He looked at me through worried eyes; seeming to hesitate but then gave in. "Alright, but at least let me walk with you untill I reach my car."

       Quickly coming to the conclusion that he wasn't going to take no for an answer, I decided to meet him half way. "Fine, I guess that's okay."

       He gestured kindly for me to lead the way. "Then shall we?'

       I rolled my eyes, and began walking. He rolled my eyes, and began walking. He laughed and jogged to catch up to me. He started to fiddle with his fingers, and stare at the ground. "What is it?"

       For someone so tall it was amazing how shy and timid he could truly be, and it was easy to tell ehen something was on his mind. "Well, I was just wondering if you had a date to the dance yet," I cringed. "I mean I saw you talking to jake earlier."

       Jake is a kid in our acting class, with beautiful black hair, a soothing voice, who is sweet, and an all around god sent, and I had the hugest crush on him. The think is so did every girl, I mean who couldn't, with his blue eyes, and his soft touch, and his sweet voice that enveloped you in a love struck bliss, and the best part is he was totally oblivious to it. However no one could have him because the bitch queen herself had her fangs stuck deep in his throat. She had him love struck, he wasn't her boyfriend, he was a puppy, a slave, and that pissed me off the most because he was too good, and that was just one more thing that she had stollen away from me right when it was within reach. I hate her, no I despise her, and when retribution calls her, you can bet I will be there to laugh at her pain just as she has done to me for the past four years.

       "Hello, earth to Annabel. You in there?" Simian was shaking me. "You just stopped and stared off into space. You had me worried."

       "Sorry, I was thinking."

       "Well, maybe you should learn to think and walk at the same time." He smiled down at me. This was the first time I noticed how close we were, and how intensely he was staring into my eyes. I felt myself relax and fall into his Jade eyes, It was like swimming in a sea. I could feel his love for me, And it was soft and tender, and I realized he was a lesser spoken god sent. That he was true, and good, and who ever took him would be a very lucky girl. However I'm not that girl, but before I could find it in myself to pull away, he did, letting go of my shoulders and looking at the ground.

       I reached out and grabbed his arm, and a quiet voice came out of him. "I'm sorry." I dropped my hand and stared at him, unsure what to say. Then to my surprise he looked at me and smiled. "So I'll take that face you mad before as a 'no Simian, I do not have a date yet.'"

       I glared at him and walked down the hall. A few seconds later he walked up beside me with a puzzled look on his face. I stopped and shot him a pissed look, and began to speak as he shied away a bit. "No, I do not have a date to the dance. Nor do I want one! So the answer is no!"

       "My, that was a bit harsh." He put his hands up. "Did someone get rejected today?"

       "No I didn't get rejected because i never asked, besides who would want to go to some stupid dance with trash like me anyway?

       "Well, at least you got one thing right." I turned to look at the disgusting creature that thought she had to torture me. "So how does it feel to be an outcast, and still not be able to do that well enough to get the part of one?" Her and her minions tossed their heads back and made a noise that might have been laughter, but I wasn't quite sure.

       "Well, you know, it does hurt a bit, but I feel better when I remember that you were able to be so pathetic to get the part instead of me. That means you will always be more pathetic than i will ever be." I could see the aggravated look growing on her face. "Also, that when the day ends, and the metaphorical show is over, I have someone I can depend on," I looked at Simian. "unlike you, who is utterly alone when the curtain finally falls."

       She was pissed now, and I could see her jaw clenching and unclenching. "Who's there for you, huh? Your alcoholic brother, or your dead parents that left you with him?"

       The world went black. Before I knew it, I felt myself jump on her. Little pictures of me punching her face flashed in my mind, like it wasn't me. I felt hollow inside, I felt like I wasn't in control of my own body. Then things became clear and light flooded back in as I realized Simian had pulled me off of Paige. I stood there in a silent re-supressed, with Simian holding my arms.

       Paige looked at me appalled, wiping blood from her nose. She stood and glared at me. "Barbarian." Was all she said before her and her robots turned and walked away. Simian let me go as soon as he was sure they were far enough that if he turned me loose i wouldn't go hunting them down.

       "What's wrong with you? Why did you pull me off?" I spoke angrily, shoving him.

       "You would've killed her, and you know it!"

       "So what? Everyone including her parents would have thanked me, nd you know it!"

       "Look I care about you, I just don't know what I would do if you went to jail for murder."

       I playfully smacked his arm and laughed. "Do you really think i have no self control?"

       Anna, you probably broke her nose."

       It's just her nose. You act like it's gonna kill her, besides it's just plastic anyway."

       He shook his head then opened the passenger side door to his car. "You're chariot awaits."

       I smiled up at him. "I already told you, I'm walking."

       A worried look spread across his face. "Are you positive you don't want a ride there? It's not out of my way."

       I bent down to re-tie my shoe. "Nah it'll be a nice little exercise anyway."

       Simian let out a sigh. "Please forgive me."

      Something hit the side of my face with a thud, sending me flying to the ground. Before the darkness engulfed me I caught a glimpse of Simian's worried face. "Oh, please forgive me." Then everything went pitch black.

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