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I would love to point out some spelling errors but you have bunched everything together without spacing so the comment will only show at the bottom of your piece; not spaced out for ease of correction.

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I was short time, and didnt adjust the 'Word' set up to fit the copy paste. I'll edit it as soon as i have the ten minutes to do so

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Allan Garrett Allan Garrett
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The Cube

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Just a thought that came in to my head the other night while watching a documentary on Nuclear power

The Cube

       I'm writing this because I figure that if we don’t get back, someone should know what happened, and why there's no one left. Well, I think there's no one left. There's no way to know anymore. The radio has been static for sixteen years , the TV has been the same for even longer. When I'm finished, I guess I'll put this in the toolbox with all my other letters and writing I've done since I was a kid. Maybe someone will find it, and maybe they will know how to turn it off.
       I guess I should start with where it all began. But then I can only tell you what I know from my grandfather, and he's been dead since I was fifteen. It seems like the last thirty years have gone by so slowly, strange how time seems to stop and stand still when the world is an empty place. Gramps told me about when he was a child and they found it just floating out there in space. Space, the idea that we used to even leave this earth seems so crazy. I haven't seen a car go down the road since I was five years old, and they went to outer space! Wow, how fare we had gone, and how low we have fallen. The cube was just out there from what I was told, floating through space on what seemed like a pointless course. It was moving slow by the normal standards of things which flew through space. Gramps said it was almost as if someone not only wanted it found, that they wanted us to find it and grab it. Had they not sent a ship out to snare it and bring it back to earth, it would have simply floated by, and wandered aimlessly on to the next planet a million years later. They should have let it float by.
       It was brought back to earth and studied for years, decades even. No one could figure out what it was, where it came from, or even what it was made of. Then one day they discovered that it was generating an electrical field. This amazed them, and so one scientist decide to feed a small amount of electrical current in to it, and the electrical output of the cube grew exponentially. For every one 'kilowatt' that was feed in to the cube, it would generate one million megawatts! This whole idea was considered impossible of course, but the impossibility of it didn’t mean it wasn’t happening. The testing went on for several years, and eventually they placed the cube inside a huge container facility and connected the thing to our power grid. Slowly but surely they began to increase the cubes output. First it powered a few city blocks in Cincinnati, then a few hundred blocks, then the whole city, the whole state, and after a year of ever increasing the output of the cube, it was powering the whole east coast! They of course tested the downsides of the cube, with protesters outside the facility saying we were tampering with 'alien technology', and we were. But no protest in the world could stop what they were discovering, and after five years, the entire UNited State, Canada, and Northern Mexico were getting their power completely from the cube. All the coal plants shut down, all the nuclear power plants shut down. They stopped bothering with wind research or solar, it was all about the cube. When they discovered the cube was eliminating the worst of the pollution from coal fired power plants and the environment was actually going to be better off, the environmentalists finally shut up, and the cube was the panacea human kind was looking for. A clean, constantly self rejuvenating power source with no known polluting factors at all.
       This was when my Grandfather went to work for 'The Cube Corporation', and began working at the facility outside Cincinnati. For almost ten years he, like everyone else, was constantly amazed at the cube and its abilities, as the feed the device more power and it rewarded them with power a million fold. It took ten years to stretch the cables needed to reach northern Europe, and another ten to begin connecting the island nations. After a little more than twenty years, the cube was powering eighty five percent of the planet. Wars ended, third world countries grew and became self-sustaining. Famine was over for the most part world wide some thirty five years after they connected the cube. As the grid expanded, electric cars increased and the oil industry faded away little by little. By the time my grandfather retired at sixty, gasoline or diesel powered cars were illegal to even own in thirty seven nations, including the United States. But my grandfather was never really sure that this panacea was everything it seemed to be. He spent the majority of his career working in the 'emissions' section of the cube facility. He was never convinced it wasn’t harmful in some way, in fact he was obsessed, and was forced in to retirement early because of his complaints. Even after he retired he was still obsessed with the cube, and spent every day going over his notes. For five years he knew there was something there, but couldn’t find it. Then people started getting sick.
       It was called 'Clutch Syndrome', a form of tumor like cancer that developed in a persons  chest. It was virtually undetectable until it was too late. And the first sign you had it was massive debilitating pain that caused you to clutch your chest like you were having a massive heart attack. When you were admitted to the hospital and they conducted an MRI, there it was, the tumor. Within a month you were dead, and nothing could stop it. They tried every form of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, every drug known to mankind, but people kept dying. First it was only a few cases scattered in the US, then Canada, and Mexico. As my grandfather got older and near death himself, he pulled my father aside and told him, 'It's the cube'. My father became obsessed as the 'Clutch' began to cross the globe. It seemed to have no pattern. A case in one country, a few in another, then bouncing to an island country. It wasn’t a virus, or an airborne sickness, no one knew how it spread. But by the time I was born, nearly a billion had died from it. It seemed unstoppable. Finally a Russian scientist made an incredible discovery. The cube was in fact emitting some form of harmful previously unknown foreign radiation that was causing the disease. He had figured out how to test the cube to prove it, and while the world held it's collective breathe, and millions were dying every day, they ran the test. It was true, the cube was killing us. Needless to say, the world demanded the cube be shutdown. There was only one problem, it couldn’t be shut down. When they disconnected it from the power grid, it continued to release energy. When they disconnected the feeding connection, it still wouldn’t shut down, and kept emitting energy. They discussed removing it from the facility, loading it on a shuttle and ejecting it back in to space, the only problem with that was, with the amount of electrical current it generated no human being could get close enough to attack any cable or sled to the thing. People tried, and they died. As soon as they got close enough the emissions were so overwhelming the clutch killed them before they ever got past the doorway to the containment shelter. It was almost as if it was fighting back.
       They evacuated Cincinnati, what few people were left there that is. And they nuked it. A silly idea if there ever was one. What happens when you feed and device that feeds off energy? Yea, more energy. The plane that dropped the bomb crashed in Indiana, and they wouldn’t go near it to see if the pilots had survived. They tried dozens of new ideas, none of them worked, and the population continued to fall world wide. After the death of my grandfather, my father moved us down to Honduras, hoping the distance would save us. By then the population of Honduras was a little over a hundred thousand and falling. My mother died when I was twenty six, my sister soon after. I don’t know why my father and I have survived, or for that matter how anyone survives. That’s the strangeness of the Clutch, it seems to pick it's victims at random. It's left me and my father alone, and I don’t understand why. We stopped seeing any other people a couple of years ago, except for the four people who live in the same village as us. There's six of us here, four men, a woman of thirty, and her fifteen year old daughter. As far as we know, we're all that left. But we aren't ready to quit. My father and I, after years of research and pouring over my grandfathers papers have come up with an idea, firing proton particles at the cube. It's taken fifteen years to collect the parts needed to build the device which we will fire at the cube. We have no idea if it will work. The six of us are all going together, fully aware that we will need to get close enough that our risk is so high that we may all die anyway. But we just hope someone else is out there, surviving. If there isn't, what's the point? If we succeed we may survive. If we don’t, why worry about surviving? SO should someone find this letter and read it. If we make it back, I'll burn this, and if we don't,… 2 comments

Leave this place, there's nothing but death here for you.

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