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Al Clark Al Clark
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Sherry at three am

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I woke up from a dead sleep a few years back, with the words "Sherry at three AM" inexplicibly running through my head. I had no idea what it meant, but rapidly fading wisps of the dream I had was of a small blond haired girl begging for help. When I looked at the clock, it was exactly three in the morning...I couldnt get back to sleep, so I grabbed a pen and tried to recall as much of the dream as I could..this song was the result.

Sherry at three A.M

I was living in a trailer, on the wrong side of the tracks.
They took my house and car, and gave them to my ex.
The divorce put me through a living hell, ever since the trial.
Booze would only numb the pain, and only for a while.
I’d been so tired of livin’ since I hit the skids
I lost all I’d been givin’, when I lost my kids
Then came that cold dark night, I thought I’d end it all
I put the gun against my head, and then I heard her call-

It was Sherry, at three A.M.
Saying “Mister, I’m scared-can I come in?”
“I know you can help me, cause I seen you before
My name is Sherry, and I live next door”

With shaking hands and trembling legs, I stumbled to the door.
I looked down out the screen at a kid I’d seen before.
A tiny lil’ blond haired girl, she looked so cold and frail.
Her momma was an addict, her daddy was in jail.
Her bare feet were muddy, her nightgown ripped and torn.
Her lil’ face was bloody, from runnin through the thorns.
She said “I cant wake my mommy, there’s a needle in her arm.
Please mister cant you help her, and keep her from any harm?”

I wrapped her in a blanket, and sat her in my easy chair.
I gently wiped away her tears, and said to wait right there.
I ran across the back yard, and jumped the neighbors fence.
The back door was open, so I ran right in.
When I found her Momma, I Knew I was too late.
Then it hit me in a flash, I could have shared her fate.
From further down the hall, I heard a tiny cry
When I got to the room, I could not believe my eye!
A little blond haired girl was laying on the bed.
Her bare feet were clean, not a mark upon her head!

For there lay Sherry, at 3 A.M.
Her sleeping eyes opened, as I walked on in.
She said “ I know you-I’ve seen you before.
I dreamt I saved you, in your house next door.

I carried her back to my house, and dialed 9-1-1
I poured out my whiskey, and locked away my gun.
Then I held that little girl, till the cops showed up.
And when the welfare people came, I would not give her up.
Did an angel save me, that cold and rainy night?
The Lord gave me a second chance, to set my life to right.

About a year later, I bought a little farm
A pony for a blue eyed girl, is stabled in the barn
And in comes Sherry, at 8 AM
A bouncing puppy at her heal, as she runs on in
The adoption finalized just the week before.
Her name is Sherry, and her room’s right next door

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