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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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In Life and in Dreams

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soul mates

My mind is invaded by surreal places,
Where flowers grow or fires roar.
The bravest of warriors, kindest of heroes
Dwell behind my conscience’s door.
A gateway is opened to a mental realm
That I hope to pass through before dawn breaks.
Weapons unsheathe and voices sing
As my presence slowly slips away.

I rest in joy, taste the peace of spring
And learn to fight like the soldiers do.
I see the moon from a different place
And press my lips against the dark leaf’s dew.
I watch as lives slip away in arms
Or all alone in a moonlit cave.
I don’t live once, but a thousand times
As my thoughts take me away.  

I see the world from a million views
From a million different eyes and heads.
I see its corruption and threats of force,
And I also hear its honoured dead.
I feel strong, honoured and invincible
As I save this world from endless rage.
I see the view from both my worlds
But let the second take me away.

I hear the shouts of vigour now
And realize that the end draws near.
In death, I could’ve been anyone,
But in life, my purpose is quite clear.
I was once liberated and tireless
But that was in another place.
My torment will continue now
As I never reached that grand gateway.

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