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Brooklynn Fox Brooklynn Fox
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Love at first sight!

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She had a friend.

      Chapter one: Their's Life

       "Bristol... Come here girl."
A little 7 year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes stood outside a cabin on a snowy porch in Alaska. A bluish black female puppy ran up to her and barked up at her.
       "Bristol there you are. You know I don't like you to run off without me out here."
Bristol looked up at the little girl and whimperd and looked at her with her big blue eyes.
       "Aww I can't be mean to you espically after everything we been through... It was just like yestardy when my daddy and me went walking these woods and say a mother wolf lieing beside you in pain and we saved you and her... but after a couple years later she passed away from being attacked outside by a bear trying to procet you.... Snow was a good mother and you always know that your mother loved you with all her heart Bristol."
Bristol looked up at her owner and hung her head low for a min the she picked Bristol picked her up.
       "It will be okay girl lets go in before this blizzard happens."
They both went inside and watch moives with the family. Well while Bristol was enjoying her time not to far from the cabin was something terrible happeing.....
       "Come here you manage mutt!!!!"
A big man with a gun hit a male grey wolf pup on the back with it. The pup squealed and cryed for 2 hours. The man turn around to hit the pup again but the pup managed to limp away as fast as he could. The pup came to Bristol's cabin and started heading to the porch. The man came out from the woods cussing and yelling at the pup. The little girl and Bristol open there cabin door and say the bleeding pup and the man trying to capture him and hurt him.. Bristol ran off the porch and stood infront of the male pup and growled at the man. The man stopped and laughed.
       "Ha ha ha another manage mutt!!"
The man kicked Bristol she hit the ground beside the male pup and squealed. The male puppy saw Bristol and crawled over to her and stood up with Bristol under him. He knew him and Bristol were both the same both wolves.
The girl yelled running to the pups. The male pup fell over beside Bristol bleeding from the back and nose and mouth and Bristol was bleeding from the mouth from the kick. The man looked at the little girl and grumbled in angry.
       "Who the hell are you to tell me something bad is gonna happen if I don't stop!?!" Their was a slience between them and the girl looked at him. "Im Lucy and im warning you one more time don't move anywhere closer to me or them."
The man laughed and moved two steps closer.
       "You just messed up..."
Lucy yelled
       "Shasta,Reeper HELP!!"
The man looked at her weird and laughed when nothing was happening he lifted his hand up and smacked her down. He laughed then there was two deep growls relased behind him. He turned around to see two Massive male wolves mixed with just a little husky most wolf though. One stood bigger than most wolves he was red and blackish with deep brown eyes he was Reeper than beside him was a pretty good sized wolf which was his brother Shasta who was pitch black with large fangs and massive muscles. They growled at him and was determind to kill him for hurting there owner Lucy.
       "OH SHI......"
The man was cut off short when Reeper tore into his neck and Shasta tore into his side. They took his to the ground and he was gone.

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