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Jason Tryhard Jason Tryhard
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A Tale of Fantasy: Darkness brings Light.

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She had a friend.

Slowly Devrox eyes opened with an almost blurry vision as small portions of light peered through boarded up windows in a dark room with a dim light in the corner. Devrox confused not knowing where he was lifted himself up from his bed but as his hand touched the soft cushion he lay on he stopped. He pressed his hands down feeling how soft it was upon his skin. He quickly turned face down and began to rub his face and body on the bed.

Glain: Well its nice to see you are awake, finally.

       Startled by Glain's voice Devrox quickly turned right side up and popped out of his bed and quickly faced her in an almost defensive manner. As he did so he saw Glain hidden in a corner near a small floating light dim enough not to phase him. Glain chuckled as he reacted to her voice yet she was not alone, behind her was a young girl who took a step back as he faced them. She was wearing a similar uniform as Glain yet where Red would be was all white, she seemed to be A subordinate.

Glain: You need not worry here Devrox you are safe. But it has been days since you last awaken.

Devrox: Where am I?

Glain: You are in our medical facility, it took powerful magic to heal your wounds as well as powerful runic markings to coat your flesh from the light that would other wise weaken you.

       Devrox lifted his sleeve and saw runic markings on both his forearms, he slowly glided his finger over them as he felt the markings engrave his flesh.

Glain: I am sorry to say that the markings only protect your flesh but your eyes are unprotected and you would go blind at the sight of intense light but thankfully we ran in to A similar situation in the past.
       Glain snapped her fingers and her subordinate stepped forward with a cloak in hand. Her subordinate placed the cloak down near his bed in a shivering manner.

Glain: Oh Niel, there is no need to fear Devrox. I am sure you frighten him more than he frightens you.

Niel: My apology's Senfu "Senfu, Master, Teacher"

Glain: Niel is Braitin's daughter and my Mintu.

Devrtx: A Mintu?

Glain: I forget that those in the darkness mainly speak in the old tongue. I believe it is what you would call an apprentice. But lingual lessons aside this cloak was a gift from Yulin, She to cannot bare the sight of light, you might want to thank her later. Now I want to warn you that at this time you are not to leave the Medical Facility, but when you are ready you may exit the room. Niel will be outside tending to her duties I on the other hand must tend to my own duties, forgive me Devrox for I am sure you have many more questions but being a Master does not leave me with much time to sit.

       With no more words said Gain brush passed Devrox with Niel following close behind.
The door to the room opened as light punctured the darkness sending Devrox back to his bed. He quickly laid down and threw the sheets over his face knocking down the cloak to the ground.

Niel: Sorry!

       She said as she quickly exited the room. The door swiftly closed behind them and the light vanished. Devrox slowly uncovered himself as he faced the sealing.

Devrox: I want to go home...

       Just then, A dark yet comforting voice filled the Aer.

Rith: Fear not Gerent.

       Without questioning it, Devrox knew exactly who was speaking and felt a comforting sensation that eased his tension.


Rith: Yes Gerent. It is I.

Devrox: I thought you were killed upon the day of my Birth? Did you not give your spirit to the Alpha Flame?

Rith: I gave half my spirit to the Alpha Flame and half my spirit resides within you. The wolves named you Devrox as one of theirs yet upon your birth your Absent name is Gerent.

Devrox: Why have you now chosen to reveal yourself to me sooner?

Rith: You speak without idle conversation or even the slightest bit of emotion, you truly are my Son. Gerent, you were born to be here...I do not know what you are or what you were meant to do but I do know that this is where you belong. You can never return to the darkness in piece, but I will tell you as I told that old Light Bringer Braitin.

Devrox: What did you tell him?

Rith: I told him of a prophecy of darkness. Only known to those deep within our lands, listen closely Gerent.

When Darkness Brings light, Three Kings will stand, Where Darkness will rule, The Forth King will rise, The world shall shatter, The one of Darkness will judge the world....My son, you are the Light brought by Darkness...The prophecy has begun...

       Just then the door flew open throwing light in all over the room Devrox quickly dropped to the ground and clenched the cloak and as fast as he could be threw the hood over his face as his face instantly vanished in to darkness. With it on Devrox could see perfectly fine. The door itself closed just as fast as it had open as a silhouette of a person had stepped in. The darkness once again filled the room and as it did his vision returned and there before him he saw Braitin.

Braitin: Devrox, Soon I depart to meet the Rulers of the other Kingdoms of Light...You are to come with me Now!

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