Muzzammil Manzoor Muzzammil Manzoor
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This does not flow very smoothly. I may rewrite this.

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Muzzammil Manzoor Muzzammil Manzoor
Recommendations: 2

Valador : Anomaly [PROLOGUE]

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The prologue for the "Valador" series. It'll take me three days to write Chapter 1, so stay tuned and enjoy this "preview"!



There is something sneakingly suspicious about a Golden Age. Perhaps it's the fact that these so called milestones aren't quite common - they're quite the rare occurrence. Perhaps it's because each time humanity reaches a Golden Age, it believes that it has acheived the peak of his success. Yet he does not know that he is actually setting the fuse for his decline. Or.. perhaps it's just me.

But so it was with the Space Age. Humanity spread like a disease, a contagious plague infecting every galaxy with his machines, his technology and his superiority. He colonized every nook and cranny, as if living in fear of an unknown yet superior force. Ironically, it was this force that gave us the means to venture into space.

It would be this same force that would nearly come to destroy us.

You see, in the wide expanse of discovered space as we know it today, few galaxies can boast to have produced individuals that have made an impact on history. Yet fewer can boast to have produced individuals who have rewritten history and made a lasting impact on the future to come for eons.

But none can claim to have produced an individual as extraordinary as the one born on the 22nd of July, 2030 in the tiniest of galaxies and on the most dimunitive of planets, Manora. Indeed, born in the dismal corner of a mining station amongst countless other mining stations on this red planet, this individual would rise from mere insignificance to rescue humankind from the vile clutches of a race with far more malice and cunning than anything it had ever encountered before. His name has been proclaimed from the green sands of the Kinora to the jagged peaks of the Mestaphyne and has been crystallized in the sands of time for generations to come.

For this is the saga of a human who rose beyond and overcame his capabilities and limits to rescue us. 1 comment

This is the saga of David Trench.

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