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typo - I think "prue" should be "pure"

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This is far from finished but I would love your feedback on what I have so far. tell me if it can be clearly understand.  tell me if it is an interesting topic. tell me if this offends people of religion in any way.

In the beginning there were six beings. These beings held powers that allowed the creation of the universe. Leading these beings was the most powerful and he was simply known as God. By his side stood his wife a loving and faithful woman whose heart burned with passion greater than any star ever created. Her twin brother was the opposite of the passionate woman. Cold hearted and bitter, he became known as the first great evil with a sharp tongued and hateful woman as his wife. Finally came a mischievous and playful man. His wife willingly lived her life under his command bending to his every whim.

Each couple lived in their own kingdom God and his wife Gaia lived in the kingdom of life this kingdom was given the name Heaven. Atazoth the bitter man and his wife Adelaide lived in the kingdom of nightmares their home was given the name Malum. Lemures the mischievous man and his wife Letitia lived in the kingdom of Fun given the name Makarios. In order to fill their kingdoms the couples each created what they believed to be the perfect being. God and Gaia created beings known as angels who sang the most beautiful songs praising their creators. Atazoth and Adelaide created a mangled creature that drank the life from the angels. These became known as demons. Lemures and Letitia created beings that could pass through the bodies of the other creatures known as phantoms.

Each couple had children of their own. Lemures and Letitia were the first to be blessed with a child. A boy. The blissful couple named their son Casper for he was a true treasure to his parents. Atazoth and Adelaide were next they too received a son. They named the boy Lucifer for he was a light in the dark kingdom. God and Gaia were the last to receive a child. They gave birth to the most beautiful girl. She was given the name Verona for she was prue.
The treasure of Makarios came of age long before the other children. When this time had come rather than taking a bride Casper left his home. The boy joined the Kingdom of Malum serving loyally under Atazoth. Slowly the youth became very close to the dark king and served at his right hand. Casper took a demon as a wife who bore him a son the boy was given the name Loki. The young child became very close to Atazoth's son Lucifer, following the prince everywhere.  As Lucifer grew older he began to no longer feel at home in the kingdom of his youth. He longed for peace that could not be obtained in the dark kingdom. 1 comment

“Father, I've decided to leave the kingdom.” Lucifer spoke softly to the king. He did not want to leave his family but he could not stay there a moment longer.

“Why would you do that? we have a perfectly good kingdom here. There is more than plenty of women for you to take as your own, why do you wish to hurt me?" Atazoth feared for the livelihood of his kingdom. Lucifer was the most promising of the two heirs the vial women had given him. Without Lucifer he would never be allowed to leave the throne. Not that he ever would need to being that the king did not age as the children and creatures did. 1 comment

“Father, this has nothing to do with you or the kingdom. I am in need of something I can not find here.”
“In need of what? You are given everything here. I’ll give you anything my son stay by my side.” Atazoth pleaded with the youth.
“I don’t want anything you have to give father. I was not asking your permission to leave either, this is goodbye.” Lucifer then left the side of his father and said his goodbyes to his family. Loki accompanied Lucifer on the journey to the Kingdom of Heaven ruled by his Father’s sister and her powerful husband. It was very different from the dark and loud kingdom the boys had grown up in. simply entering the bright kingdom lucifer felt at peace.

“What now master?” Loki whispered to the dark prince. Lucifer simply turned to his companion and smiled.

“We live!” Loki was dumbfounded by the response that he was given. However, he was in no position to contradict the prince, he simply nodded.

“Who are you?” A young girl pulled upon Lucifer’s hand. She was pure in looks with hair flowing in a dark color matching the rivers he’d left at home. This must be the daughter the couple had.

“Verona! Come to my side daughter.” The voice was loud and struck fear into both of the males though the words were kind. A being so powerful moved into line of sight.

“ You are Lucifer, come join me you and your companion are of my people now.” The man grabbed Lucifer’s shoulder with a strong hand guiding the boy around the kingdom. Loki followed behind the pair staying close to the prince. The youthful princess walked next to the decrepit boy.  
“ You look sick." Verona said to Loki. The older boy turned to the pure princess and smiled. He very much disliked the young princess already.

Upon Lucifer’s coming of age in the kingdom of heaven, he was told that he was not to take the king's daughter as his bride. However, Lucifer was allowed to take any of the angel women of the kingdom as a willing bride. Loki was given the same privilege. They obeyed their new king and served him wholeheartedly. Lucifer grew close to the powerful man soon becoming much like the son the man was not given. Through the years Lucifer concentrated on his duty to the kingdom rather than marrying. Each day Verona would watch the dark and handsome man in an awestruck wonder.
    The pure and youthful princess soon became a full-grown woman of age to be married to any of the angels man she wished. However, she didn't find her interest in the cheerful smiles and boyish beauty of the winged males. Verona found her eyes drawn to the man that lead the kingdom alongside her father. The man she grew up in wonder of. He was a strong youthful man with a hard jaw and dark eyes that she willed to watch her as she did him, an interest that was never given words. An interest grew into more as she watched the strong man lead the angels in the orders of her father. This feeling she thought of as love but it was more it was a burning need to be in the company of the man.
Verona would spend the days of her newfound womanhood avoiding the angel men that her father sent for her to marry. She would instead hide in the throne room of her home a sacred place that no angel would dare to enter uninvited. If Verona were lucky, while she was hiding from the men, Lucifer would enter the room. He would be hiding from the angel women who wanted to be the powerful man’s wife. Verona would watch him, as he would sit holding his head quietly thinking. Every once in a while he would tangle his strong fingers in his dark hair as he would sigh. It would bring a smile to Verona’s face when he would relax and look more like a boy than the powerful man he was known to be. For hours Verona would watch Lucifer blissfully seeing a side of him she felt was a secret between just the two of them. Then Lucifer would be called back to the side of her father and she would return to her chambers where she would spend her nights dreaming of what life would be like if she were to marry the power man.  

In days passed Lucifer would watch Verona, her beauty incomparable to any other.   The forbidden nature of the fondness for the young woman only made it grow until he could bare no more. Lucifer waited in the silence cover of the early morning for the youthful princess to emerge from her chambers  

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