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Rebekah King Rebekah King
Recommendations: 21

At Night: Ante Auroram - Part 2

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Here's part 2 :) Don't forget to read the prequel

I went cold. It felt like my blood just froze over. I got a horrible chill from my scalp to my heels. It was like the voice had sucked the warmth and the life from me. Like it had stolen my very soul. The empty desperation in the hollow sound... like the creature spoke with the voices of the dead. I couldn’t comprehend what kind of a terrible monstrosity could have possibility uttered such a sound.

“Is that you?”

I suppressed myself from whimpering at the sound of the creature’s voice. I wanted to lay down on the ground and sob hysterically, but I knew this was not logical. The creature had obviously heard the racket I’d made with the cell door and knew I was here. But somehow I didn’t think it was searching for me. Who was this Emily it had addressed? Was this one of the others the note spoke of?

“Emily, please!”

The voice was pleading now. Underneath the horrible echoing sound of death, the voice was one I would have run to and answered its call. I didn’t understand why, but it must have been the innocent tone that suggested a defenceless little girl. This however was no defenceless person, it was a monster with a little girl’s voice. I kept the strange sensation to run to her aid at bay by reminding myself that she wanted to kill me.

That sound again – that awful breathing sound. Chains dragging, feet shuffling, coming closer. I tried desperately not to hyperventilate, afraid of the noise my breathing was making. It was coming, it was coming. It was coming for me. I gripped my head in both hands in an effort to shut out the sounds – the chains, the shuffling – and try to think straight. I had to go, I had to escape. The thing was in my way.

“Please... come back to me!”

Yes. I wanted to say. No! My head screamed at me. I sat in the darkness and waited, shaking violently as the horrible sounds drew closer and closer until I was certain the thing was right outside the cell. The breathing again, so close now, as though it were right beside me. And soon enough, the thing shuffled its way right into the cell.

I froze, staring, mouth open in horror at the terrible creature. Human, but unhuman, its figure was like any other person, but its bare skin was splattered and stained with blood and gore. Huge iron shackles around its ankles, wrists and neck, chains connected dragging across the floor. It hadn’t seen me yet, it had its back to me, staring at the wall. As soon as it turned around, I was sure it would kill me. I was going to die a slow, horrible death here before I even knew why.

I braced myself as the creature turned. I saw its face for the first time. Mouth open in a frozen state of surprise, no teeth or lips, just a bloody mess of a hole. No hair on its head, no eyebrows, and I realised... no eyes. Where its eyes used to be were gaping black, holes with the blood still slowly trickling out. I stared right into that blackness and knew what it meant now to have lost your soul. Then something happened that I didn’t expect.

The creature turned away. Shuffled its way out of the cell and back down the corridor to where it came from. I sat for a long moment, trying to comprehend what had just happened. I had stared right into that creature’s face and yet it had turned away. It was like it hadn’t seen me at all. Did it truly have no eyes? Then how did it know where it was going? I had noticed the creature had ears, perhaps they were all it needed. Then I knew how to get past it. And get past it I must if I expected to get out of there alive.

“Where did you go? Come back!”

Its last words were faint now, as the creature sidled away, back to whatever horrible place it had come from. Though, I had a feeling that was not the last I would see of the strange she-demon. With a last breath, I snagged the note from its table and tentatively stepped back out into the corridor. Away from the light of the candle, the darkness was disorienting. I allowed my eyes a few seconds to adjust, before I looked up and down the long hall.

I saw no sign of the monster, but didn’t doubt there would be others like it in the depths of this place. I crouched low to the ground, realising I was still shaking, and began to slowly creep along the wall. In the opposite direction to where I could still hear those horrible, rasping breaths. As I had seen before, my cell was not the only one of its kind. There were many cells here, all of them with candles on tables, but all of the candles were out. It seemed I was the only one still living here.

In the darkness of the prison, I realised now how alone I truly was. I clutched the note in my hand, feeling comforted by the words upon the paper, knowing there was someone before me. I reached out, feeling the strength of that person, and using it to will myself to go on. They had told me not to be afraid, not to show ‘them’ I was afraid. Whoever was behind this was watching me, like I was a piece in some sick game of theirs. I realised this must be exactly what I was.

The note told me to do whatever was necessary to escape. I must get out, I must survive. I would be a fool not to listen, for whoever came before me had survived long enough to write the note. It had said to look for them along the way. Did that mean there were more notes, possibly with instructions? Was this a trap? I had no way of knowing, but nothing else to do. I didn’t know why I was here or what was going on. But of one thing I was certain: I had to keep going. I had to find the next note.

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