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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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The Embers of the Flames

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soul mates

I intended to write this as a song, but decided to look at it as a poem as well. I'm trying to compare here the difference between a war and a fire, what each aspect of the fire could be, and the pressure the small, unsung embers at the bottom must be burdened with. Incidentally, what would be each chorus of the song are my own thoughts on this war, where I want to be, which is as far from the battlefield as possible. I'll need some tips on how to improve this. Again, it was originally intended as a song, hence the repetition and the rhythmic chorus. Thanks for reading.

Show me the way, dear flames.
I will smoulder in your name.
Let the dark dance in.
Let the games begin.
I’ll be your sword, your shield.
The Earth’s power I shall wield.
I’ll protect it with my life
Even if this dark land dies.

Fire burns out eventually.
It’s all this war will ever be.
But the ashes will remain beneath our feet.
This fire, though, is being fuelled.
The heroes join, honoured but cruel.
The only one who breaks the ice is me.

I wish to return home.
I wish now to be alone.
I wish now to pass the days
In the embers of the flames.
I wish now to stand aside.
I wish now to live and die.
I hope the pyre will not forget my name.

The light is burning on
But I don’t feel hope on this one.
It’s spread too far for water to calm down.
By water, I mean thought
And by far I mean onslaught on all the land
I walk and all around.

I wish to now give in.
I tried my best, I didn't win.
My arrows have run out.
The blood still stains my memory now.
I wish now to let it go
And let the darkness turn me cold.
The fire will not fade while my heart still holds.

An ember’s but a fraction of the fire
That holds it upon an immortal pyre,
And keeps it from burning out.

The pyre is they, the ones who hold.
Who keep us flames from going cold.
The ones who see blood
And don’t hesitate to draw more.

The embers are the rest of us
We fight for a cause loyal and just.
But the pyre’s strength and lust
We pale before.

I wish now to have no care.
I wish now to go somewhere
Far from here. Far from there. Far from anywhere.

I wish now to evaporate.
To turn to ash and sink into the grate.
I wish now to fade away, to forever fade away.

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