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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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Riley's Story Part 1

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She had a friend.

This is how the characters in Decency first met.

      I remember that first day of kindergarten. Autumn 1998. Gossiping parents must have said too much in front of their children, be it by accident or design. It quickly became known that I was the little girl with two moms.
       To me, being the adopted child of two lesbians was nothing out of the ordinary. It was my life. I loved my moms the same way all the other kids loved their mom and their dad. I didn't understand where the problem lied. One by one, though, the kids in my class made it very clear to me that they weren't trying to be friends with the 'gay girl'.
       I wasn't gay. I was five. I didn't even know what gay meant. What I did know, was that it hurt to have everyone turn their backs on me.

       I went through a month and a half of school that way. Constantly teased and bullied, and not a friend in the world. That is, until the Ross family came to town.
       New neighbors were moving in across the street. It was a Saturday afternoon, and Mama was baking. Her freckled face was dusted with flour, and her frizzy red hair was piled on top of her head in a bun. Mom, not really the baking type, sat at the table and kept her company. When the cookies were done, the three of us went across the street to say hello.

       The man and woman there seemed friendly. They smiled and invited us inside. I stood quietly while the grown-ups talked, until the woman, who had kind eyes and wore a flowery dress, bent down to me. "I have a daughter your age, Riley," she said, "If you want, you can go out back and play."
       Without a word I ran outside. The first thing I noticed was a boy a bit older than me throwing rocks over the fence and into the next yard.
       "That's Mikey," came a soft voice. I turned around to see a small girl with long brown hair and glasses. "He's my brother. What's your name? I'm Lisa."
       I looked at her and nearly whispered, "Riley."
       She smiled big and took my hand. "Let's be friends, Riley."

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