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Alex Makridakis Alex Makridakis
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The Tyrant's Protege (A Prologue)

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soul mates

This poem kills two birds with one stone for me. I wanted to try poetry, and it is also a prelude to my next short story. I definitely won't make another poem, as I really don't like the rhyming restriction. Hopefully, this isn't too bad,

The Tyrant draws his sword
commanding his ungodly horde.

By the day's end, evil will revel.

A large city, yet a tight knit community
shall be smitten with impunity.

In the dark, a Small Boy chosen by the Devil.

Blood is spilled over patches of the ground
unknown to all, a new prince will also be crowned.

The Mother, The Queen, kisses the Small Boy adieu.

The Queen steps outside and surrenders her city.
All who talk with The Tyrant should be remembered with pity.

The Small Boy looks outside and witnesses evil most true.

At the massacres end, the Tyrant claims his prize
He taunts and gloats and gouges out her eyes.

The Small Boy's mind shatters, he charges outside.

The Boy knows that The Tyrant's death is essential.
The Tyrant, however, sees his hidden potential.

Evil begets evil, and The Tyrant will be its guide.

"Young boy of no more than thirteen,
You are now my property, you will not talk or be seen.
Your anger towards me is a beautiful thing.
Simple creature, I will take you under my wing."

A boy's childhood, his family, his life, denied.
Scrapped, discarded, thrown aside.

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