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Alex Makridakis Alex Makridakis
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The Blind One and Its Toys

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I felt that I should take a break from my usual mental psychosis based stories, so I went for my own religion. I was interested in creating a world based on gods that could care less, similar in a way to the Greek gods. I would love to expand this world, and if I were to do so, I would probably expand upon the different orders that worship the four gods. I would love to know whether that is a thing you guys want to see.

Before time, before being, even before nothingness, the Blind One existed. Its name is not known by mortals, nor Gods. It is the source of all being, yet it does not acknowledge its creations. It controls all, yet it has no influence. It is the beginning and the end, yet to it, there is only existence. It is the God to which the lesser God's pray. It is not comprehensible to our mere understanding of what is right, possible, or sensical. It is unknown how many worlds are spawned from the Blind One, but ours is likely not the first, and certainly not the last. As the Blind One created this space that our world occupies, through intention or instinct, it gave birth to the concept of tangibility, allowing interactable objects into this space, forming the groundwork for all life. It spawned the four basic Truths. Love, Drive, Suffering, and Death. The world as we know it was created from a chain reactions of these four Truths. The matter that makes this world was infused with the desire of Love, and therefore bonded together to form the ground beneath our feet. It was Drive that allowed new life to grow and survive. Suffering is the physical limitation that binds all earthly things to the tangible world. Death is the final release, the ultimate, the end, and the start of a new cycle. These four Truths each have their own God to govern them and all evils and virtues they hold. All but one of the Gods created children that take charge of smaller aspects of their Truth, but they are a ripple in the vast ocean compared to the Four Progenitors. They live in the vast emptiness of the Aether, which we now as the night sky.

The God of Love, Salet, governs all manners of Love, including fertility, passion, lust, desire, and all petty wants. It takes the form of a great tree of many hands, reaching out and spreading closeness across the Aether. Salet's spores gave life to many minor gods, and it has the largest collection of offspring and their ilk. It is known to take the form of trees in the physical realm, as the trees are his emissaries, and therefore are holy. He appears before mortals in order to guide his chosen, but it's words are often deceptive, leading the unworthy to cruel and callous fates. The Holy Exalted Order of Salet follow the practice of free love and peace, but are also shameless and ignorant to the advancements of the rest of the world.

The God of Drive, Sygban, governs all manners of Drive, including strength, honour, vice, anger, and inspiration. It is a barbaric God of base instincts, a simple creature with more power than it can handle. Sygban is a humanoid of constantly changing proportions. It most often appears as a giant with four arms and three faces, each on the same head, each with three eyes. Sygban is knows to interfere in mortal wars, turning the tide of combat in favour of the losing side. This phenomenon has been known to cause ruthlessness in the soldiers, leading them to commit atrocities while exalted with his cruel blessing. The worshipers of Sygban are renowned warriors and ruthless cutthroats, and are highly sought after by most factions, but only if they can cover their hefty fees.

The God of Suffering, Rozir, governs all manners of Suffering, including desperation, affliction, famine, weakness, and all primal needs. Rozir takes the form of a cloud of locusts, devouring anything in its path. Rozir is the most feared and hated of all Gods, as most of the worlds misery stems from him. All weakness, famine, and sickness. Due to this, it is the most worshiped of all the Gods, as it holds all of our fates in its grasp. The appearance of Rozir in the physical realm is the most devastating of all omens, and has been known to stop wars out of fear, as both sides are extremely demoralized. Even with a creature as despised and feared as Rozir, there are still those who are devout followers. They are known as the Brotherhood of the Blessed Agonies. They willfully inflict pain and affliction on each other, and revel in all suffering of themselves and others.

The God of Death, Veruj, only governs Death. It guides departed souls through the Aether, where they become the groundwork for new life. It is the youngest of the Four Progenitors, as it came into being out of necessity, not by whim. Veruj may have a form, but it is spread so thin across our world and the Aether that it is not visible to mortals or Gods. As such, Veruj paradoxically never appears in front of mortals, yet never leaves our side. As mortal beings die, their essence is also spread across his form, where the life energy is spread across both worlds, culminating into a soul that is then given to newborns. Other Gods only refer to it in passing, and don't seem to know much about it. However, the Creator of all things, the Blind One, has been known to interact with Veruj, although no entity, man or God, knows the significance of this. The followers of Veruj are a mostly unknown organization. It is unknown how the group functions, or how they recruit new members.

Are we mere toys before the Gods might? Are the Gods in turn playthings to the Blind One? Do we exist by chance or design? That is our quest. The quest of the hidden Fifth Order, who worship the hidden fifth Progenitor. The God who is only known by our order and the Blind One. The God of Enlightenment, Jessar. It was Jessar that imbued man with free will, a phenomenon that baffled the Four Progenitors. We work individually from any government, only observing the outside world to collect information.  We are the leaders of several fronts to fool the population, each with a member of the Fifth Order at its head. Jessar gave its existence to imbue humans with free will, and twenty of those people were granted Jessar's blessing. This blessing granted those twenty people immunity from the Gods influences. We do not hunger, we do not lust, we do not hate, and we do not die. We are to the Gods as the Gods are to the Blind One. We will find the answers to the question we didn't know were asked.

We will become the new Gods.

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