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Alex Makridakis Alex Makridakis
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The Noose

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soul mates

I've complained about the lack of rhyming in the poetry section, so I decided to go in a new direction. I said I wouldn't write anymore, but my problem was with descriptors, which felt like a chore. I think what's needed is a change of scenery, so I hereby announce that I'm moving to poetry. Also, I remember that I promised that my next work would be happy, but to be honest, it ended up frankly crappy.

Money's all gone, deep in the red
Invested stocks tanked, darkness is ahead.
I could soldier on, but I feel that instead
It just might be easier being dead.

I think back to the days of my youth
They were better times, ain't that the truth
My mother would do her best to calm and sooth
The worst event was a simple loose tooth.

Fast forward fifteen years, things became complicated
We met at college, I was naively infatuated
We dated, related, captivated, and we graduated
But she was getting some on the side, I felt castrated.

In the end, it was only a broken heart
I needed to move on, get a fresh start
I felt I could bounce back, if I played smart
Little did I know it would all fall apart.

As you know, the worst was yet to come.
The stock market crashed, the economy did succumb
The one percent were dragged down to level of scum
And I was deeply in debt, I became a bum.

My life was all right, mostly free of abuse
But I've got the feeling it's all coming loose
In the end, I make no excuse
I'm just a coward who's only friend is the noose.

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