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Rhiannon Langley Rhiannon Langley
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What Lies Within

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         You never know what you will find in this crazy world. You never know if you will be happy or sad when you wake up. You have your good days and your bad ones. You always have that little bit of worry about if something really bad is going to happen, will your family be safe, will you be safe. So when you have a chance to escape to an entirely different world, you want to jump at it. Well that is exactly what i did. My name is Nikkita Salvatore and i am now a proud citizen of Arbontia.  While this place does sound weird, it is actually a quite beautiful. I have been here for 10 years now. Its like earth, has things like earth. Almost exactly like it. But the only difference is that all the war, all the terrorist, everything is gone. I came when i was 8. My grandmother has been here for over 50 years. My mother came when i did. My grandmother was queen and then passed the crown to my mother so now i am princess of Arbontia. My mother says soon though, i will rule this land.

     Chapter 1:
      I heard screaming coming from all around me. I couldn't run away. They were everywhere. I was so scared, but so confused at the same time. I tried to find light, but only found darkness. I yelled out his name, but didn't know why or who he was. "Joseph!". I wanted to just close my eyes and wish it all away. I ran to the woods and as I turned around, there stood a beautiful White Wolf. Black creatures formed around me and her. She howled and next thing I know I was back to reality. It was all just a dream.
     "Nikkita, are you up yet", my mom yelled from the kitchen.
      "Yes, just give me a few".
      I threw my clothes on, grabbed my bag and walked to the kitchen.
     "Do you want something to eat", she asked me.
     "No I'm going to pick something up on the way".
      When i got in the car, i heard a loud shriek. I looked around and didn't see anything. I sat there for a minute to see if i heard it again, but i didn't. So i started the car and pulled out.
      I went to Shoneys to get breakfast and then headed to the fitting.

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