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perhaps simplify with "She gasped, and then returned to her "reality""

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What would an alien being "look" like?

     Shuttered in herself, she felt the cool blackness of the night.  She quietly strained to mingle with the moment.  The sheets felt smooth and soft upon her skin.  Her thoughts tumbled, yet remained calm.  She reached into the darkness, ever expanding her consciousness, herself, outward. She let go of her thoughts.  Somewhere, beyond the walls of her house, a dog barked, and she heard it in the background, distinct, yet far away.

     She waited for something to come, she knew not what.

     How many times had this happened with nothing coming to her “call”.   She had lost count.  There would probably be nothing again.

     Suddenly, within the deep recesses of her mind, a presence.  It was a woman’s voice silently “speaking” to her.  She quickly adjusted her focus from external to internal.

     “What are you?” she silently asked within her own mind.

     “I am,” the "voice" said.  “I am Szach.”

     She once again reached silently outward.  In the back of her mind was the question, “How will I know if 'she' is 'telling’ me the truth?”

     “I am.”  Came the reply, "But I cannot prove it to you.  I am much different than you, but I am a 'person'.  I exist invisible, at least to you, and I ‘live’ everywhere at once, even to the farthest reaches of your cosmos.  You cannot understand me.  I am beyond you.  I would seem as a god to you, but I am not.  I am.”

     “Why do you come to me?”

     “I do not.  I am always where you are since I know no boundaries.  You ‘reached out’.  I ‘answered’.”
     “What is it like?  The universe?”

     “It is.  It is beautiful; it is exacting; it is complex, yet simple.  It is.”

    “Why do you exist?”

     “I am."

     “Why do I exist?”
     “You are.”

    “Why is this?  This moment in time?”

     “It is.”

     “Why do you ‘speak’ so?”

     “I believe it to be true.”

      “How often will you come to me?”

     “I am always with you.”

     “No, how often will you ‘talk’ with me?”

     “This you will know as the only time, but you will know that I am, and that I am always with you.  We are one.”

     She gasped, and came back to her bed and her "reality". 1 comment

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