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Cassel Light Cassel Light
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She had a friend.

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

A warning for what is about to come.

I will make no claim to being a writer. I am not a silver tongue, I am not a word smith. I am simply here to tell a tale.

The words I pen are not for the frail spirited. they are not for those who would seek to crucify me for these events. What I write is not for any of you, not the beggars, the liars, not thieves of cynical bastards who keep their lives in such taped up shambles even they cant see through the heaping pile of shit anymore. I write now only for myself.
no no that isnt true. I write for my lovely detective as well. his poor soul lost in despair as he fumbles desperately for any fragment of hope that might still linger within his reach.

Regardless of who this is story is meant for, it is a tale spun form the finest thread I can find. It is full of dealings, of dribbling pustules that ooze sweet sin over cream white flesh.

I warn you now I shall spare no detail in anything I recount here. And I will recount it all. from the moment our lives took the twisted turn down a path less traveled. here I will tell you how I loved, I will thrill you with rendezvous so scandalous I'll have the harlots blushing in shame. Here I will give you life, and I will give you death.

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