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Ze Opifex Ze Opifex
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In the Sea

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soul mates

Feelings are, like, seriously!

She pulled me from the water
so I could be free,
saved from the drift,
and with her I would be.

She saw me and saved me
because she loved me,
but her grasp chained me down
far more than the sea.

I wonder, if maybe
I could truly be free,
if I was instead with a girl
that I wanted to be.

I’m lucky, I should say,
that she had been fond of me.
I could have been still lost
forever in that sea.

But I reasoned that, on an island
in that dreadful sea,
there might be another girl,
who might dare be with me.

She would be a girl;
with whom my heart would be
beating along with her own,
not chained but free.

So I was afraid that I might
leap back into that sea,
so that that woman
wouldn’t be free from me.

And maybe I would
find myself to be
with a girl that I loved,
who might set me free.

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