Dazzy Blue Dazzy Blue
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Love the line "broken hearts still play with fire"

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Walk Away

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Sometimes you just have to wonder "What on Earth am I doing?"

I fell in love , I felt the glow
I should have known what now I know
You took my hand and set my heart on fire
I can’t escape this dead end desire

I gave you sunshine, you don’t like rain
You gave me clouds,  I don’t like pain
And if you hide because you’re scared
Just lock the door and I’ll find you there

But first I will wave at airplanes passing by
They’re not going anywhere for me
Still I’ll watch as far as I can see across the sky
And when they disappear I will cry

You gave me treasures but now they’re lost
I gave you hope but what’s the cost
Broken hearts still play with fire
I can’t escape this dead  end desire 1 comment

Morning glory and mourning bells
Bitter truth , Heaven and Hell
Confessions heard, lessons learned
Bridges crossed then burned

Still I dream of you for no reason
A balm for the ache of time
My eyes will be closed until the memory fades
And when the dream is gone I’ll walk away
when the dream is gone I’ll walk away.

Walk away
Put a bandaid on the bruise
pretend I don’t know you.

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