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Rebekah King Rebekah King
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The Walking Dead: A New Day - Part 2

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Forgot I hadn't uploaded part 2 of this. Wrote this a long time ago. I don't think I'll continue though as I played this game over two years ago now.

Blurry images forced through heavy lids. Something walks past the car window. The sound of distant screams, cries of horror. Everything is muffled from the drowsiness. When Lee finally comes to, it is quiet once more. Nothing but the sound of insects, and the warm sunlight shattered by the leaves above. He groans as he moves his stiff body, trying to get himself upright. He's lying across the length of the back seat. His throat is dry and parched, the handcuffs have left marks on his wrists. He tries to move some more, but feels a sharp pain in his right leg. He looks down and  curses at the sight of the bloody wound on his thigh. He hopes there's no shards of glass stuck in there.

Lee looks about himself at the wreck the police car has become, until his gaze carries out the back windshield. His eyes widen as he sees that the police officer who had been in the driver's seat, was now lying on the ground some thirty feet away in an unnatural-looking position. There is a smeared trail of blood leading to him from the car. The shock of the crash and the sounds he had heard having not quite worn off, Lee decides to call to him.

"Hey! Hey, officer! Are you alright?! I'm still cuffed back here!"

There is no response, not so much as a twitch, from what Lee is now realising is the officer's body. He notices an object closer to the car that he recognises as the officer's shotgun that had been in the front seat.

"Why the hell did he have his gun out?" Lee wonders to himself.

So far, things are not looking good. Lee searches around for some way to get out of the car. He notices the side window where his feet are. It is cracked from the impact and looks weak enough for him to break. He kicks it with his foot as hard as he can until it at last shatters and he drags himself from the car onto the forest floor.

He pulls himself up onto his feet, really feeling now just had badly injured his leg is. Using the car to support his weight, he shimmies around it until he is facing the dead officer. He first turns his attention to the shotgun lying on the ground, and quickly discovers that trying to lean down with a busted leg and cuffed hands is not the easiest of tasks. Eventually he gets onto one knee and grabs the weapon.

"Looks empty," He mutters to himself before placing it back. "It'll be easier to carry with these cuffs off."

Lee then notices something else on the ground not far away, and once he eventually makes his way over and down to it, discovers it is an unused shotgun shell. He pockets it and decides the first order of business must be to get the officer's keys so he can remove his cuffs. He limps a bit closer to the officer's body hesitantly.


Again there is no response, but Lee can see the keys attached to his belt, and he knows he has no choice but to retrieve them if he expects to move anywhere soon. He approaches the officer and looks down at the contorted body with an expression that's somewhere between disturbed and afraid. Feeling oddly nervous at being so close to him, Lee reaches down and unhitches the keys from the officer's belt. He fumbles with the lock on his right cuff before dropping the keys right in front of the officer's face. For some reason, Lee no longer wants to grab them, but he steels himself and quickly snags the keys once more. Trying better to focus this time, Lee gets both of the cuffs off easily and rubs his raw wrists before he hears a groaning sound.

He looks down. "Uh... officer?"

He sees the officer's hand twitch and before he has time to react, the officer leaps up at him with a terrible roaring sound. Lee jumps and falls backwards onto the ground. The officer is still on the ground for a moment, before shooting up onto his hands and start to drag himself towards Lee.

"Holy shit!" Lee cries as he desperately tries to scramble backwards.

The officer crawls closer using only his hands. There is blood all around his mouth and staining his shirt. There is a crazed look in his eyes. Lee continues to back away in fear.

"What in the hell?!"

He scrambles until his back hits the side of the car. Now Lee has to think fast. He looks down to his left at the shotgun.

"Get away from me!" He yells as he picks it up.

He hurriedly tries to load the shell into the gun, but in his haste, drops the shell.

"SHIT!" He looks back at the officer. "What the hell are you?!"

He reaches for the shell and tries to calm himself enough to load it properly. He cocks the shotgun and aims it clumsily at the officer.

"Don't make me do this!"

The officer responds in no way, just continues to crawl like a mindless monster, and Lee knows he has no choice. He aims for the head and pulls the trigger, splattering chunks of flesh about. The officer's body collapses to the ground, a gaping hole blown through his skull and brain, only half of his teeth and hair left on one side, dark blood flowing out. Lee stares on in horror, before looking down at and throwing the weapon to his right. He takes a moment to breathe before looking at the body closer.

The hole through his head is massive, more damage than one shot should have done and what's left looks fragile. It's like his head had just disintegrated. And as Lee looks closer, he can see how wrong the colour and appearance of his skin is.

"His skin's all rotten and he smells like shit... what the hell is this?" In his confusion, Lee decides to shout at the body. "Are you dead? HEY! ARE YOU DEAD?"

Lee already knows the answer rationally, but his head is swimming with the shock and impossibility of what he just witnessed. He can't think straight, let alone come up with any answer to why this is happening. He wished there was someone here who could tell him. As he looks off into the distance, he sees a figure standing on a small hill not too far away.

"HELP!" He calls, "Go get someone! There's been a shooting!"

The figure does not respond, but instead retreats back the way they must have come from. Lee soon understands why as he hears rustling in the bushes behind the car. Now stricken with pure fear, Lee looks over his left shoulder at the direction of the sound in time to see two people emerge from the shrubbery. Except they're not people, they're bloody, rotten, mutilated things like the officer.

Lee's head kicks into overdrive and he forces himself to his feet, despite his ruined leg. He tries to stumble away but immediately trips over the officer's body. He scrambles back up and limps away from the crash scene, trying to move as fast as he can before falling again. He gives up on trying to stand and instead crawls towards a garden fence he can now see. He turns back to see the things still pursuing slowly, some with their arms outstretched towards him, all with that same look in their lifeless eyes.

He crawls to the fence and madly scrambles up and over it into someone's back garden. He lands flat on his backside and starts backing away from the fence as he hears the growls and the sounds of those things banging on the other side. He scrambles right into the back porch of the house and scurries to his feet, then looks curiously to the right as he hears gunshots going off not too far away. Whoever it is, it draws the attention of the things and Lee can hear them heading towards the noise until their growls fade into silence.

Lee walks out into the middle of the lawn area in the centre of the garden. All is quiet now and he suddenly feels very alone.

"Hello? Anybody?"

Now those things are gone, there is not a sound but the wind. Lee does not understand what has just happened to him, or what is now happening around him. But one thing is certain: those things are walking, but they're not living.

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