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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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She had a friend.

      The mirrors. Those accursed mirrors.

     They are the instruments of all that was and all that will be.

     My introduction to them is how I am, now, maybe forever, a slave to them and all they represent.


      First, who I was, even in name, is of no consequence. My present is that of a tool, nothing more. Who I wish to be is free.

      The circumstances to my present plight started in the quaint, out of way shop, off the very unused path. It was there I encountered those darkened lenses. They gripped my destiny and never relinquished hold.

     The dilapidated building showed it was not a store frequented often(maybe at all).
This should have been my clue but I missed it. It stood a little off from the daily hubbub and noise from the otherwise vibrant city.

      I approached the structure but I sensed not a thing... no noise, no commotion. It was if I was in a void.

     The half hanging sign, banging against the peeling paint, above its slightly askew door read CURIOSITY FOR ALL.
     Before I had never given this building a second glance, today was different. It was like I was being compelled to seek it out.Momentarily, my conscience touched my misgivings but, swiftly, all thoughts of why I was here were dismissed.

     Even though, all my senses , kept screaming that everything was amiss and I should be turning away urgently, my feet continued up to the door.The door was dirty and unkempt. All the windows that I could try to peek through were opaque as if mirrors since all I saw was my own reflection.
    My hand reached out for the doorknob, turning it as I entered the dim foyer. The room beyond was almost in total darkness, All around me, except for a small path, was piled to the ceiling with I can only say was irredeemable junk.

    As I cleared the door, a noise, like a death knell to me, the tinkle of the overhead bell, heralded my arrival.

     "Be there in a moment." came the voice from behind the curtain that I could barely see at the back of the room just to the right of the middle of the path.

     It was a surprise when I saw the curtain sway to the side to reveal the owner of the voice. My eyes must have been affected by the absence of true light for I could swear that the person who came through the curtain was one moment solid, the next but a wisp of any type of essence.

     You could imagine my inner fear rose to cause the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up; I tapped it down as a light case of unease.

     I regained control of myself, this voice spoke again," Now. How may this humble shop satisfy your curiosity?"

    That was it. Why had I come here to a place I never thought of before?

    My trepidation must have shown  since the voice continued, "All matter of unique items are yours for the asking. Let me guess why you are here. You seek something you never thought of before. Am I right?"

     For the life of me, I could not say. However, the voice never ceased speaking, but now it was inside my head.

     "Maybe you are here because your soul knows. Could it be you are remembering?"

     My face must have showed a struggle at these statements.

     When this struggle showed the voice seemed to be no longer speaking to me .

     "I think our crisis is solved. It appears it may be over soon."

     While I  looked at the ever changing form, trying to comprehend, it continued, "Yes, I agree. It shall be done.(this was to the other voices((of which there seemed to be two)) inside my head).

     The figure turned its full attention back to me.

     I felt a heaviness of my eyelids.

     My legs moved at their own accord.

     I felt myself being guided by the form that was not a true form to the room's curtained door. The one this figure had only recently come thru.

      I passed beyond the door.

      Unlike the room I just left, this one was brightly lit.

      In the brightness was a shimmering, like something else was in the room.

     It was then that the figure released me, pushing me further into the room.

     Whatever was happening I would be facing it alone.

     My mind asked, Why the difference between the two- one room dark; the other bright.

     It was too much to ponder as my trance( since I knew not what else to call it) continued until I reached the oval on the floor. It was this oval that caused the shimmering.

     The nearer I advanced  towards the oval the more it vibrated like tiny waves.

     Then, came the humming which grew in volume until the sound enveloped me.

     It was not until I was almost on top of it that I realized it was a mirror on the floor, a dark lensed one. It caused an unknown fear to me, one I did not know why.

     The closer I moved towards the mirror, the more fearful I became.

     I struggled to free myself of all that was occurring to me; I was as a child in a mother's tight embrace.

     The fear became great then it ceased as I walked through and down through the mirror lower and lower until the room was no more. It was replaced by constantly alternating degrees of darkness and light.

     The humming became voices in an disembodied discussion.

     I heard,first, "He is not who we expected!"

     Next, "Who shall he be?"

     My overwhelmed self reeled at everything.

     The swirling strobe between the dark and light intensified  until I fell through both medium.
      My mind shut down and I reached the blissful release of unconsciousness.

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