Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Did you mean 'The Byrds/Birds were singing Beatle Songs?'

Warren Gates Warren Gates
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yes, the band The Byrds, one of my favorite bands, poplar in the mid-1960s, but never became huge stars. Their songs and lyrics are wonderful

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

Okay...Thanks for clarifying. Shows how ignorant I am. I also loved the Beatles and even sold programmes when they came to our Festival Hall, for which I got to get up close and personal, up and down the aisles, and John Lennon winked at me! Ahhh...memories...!

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
Recommendations: 23

A Nonsensical Dream

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Late last night the sky exploded
I don’t have a clue what was going on.
It seems I was dreaming and someone else was screaming
but  I could be wrong.
There was someone at the door
who looked like me the way I was in this dream
with  a friend I thought was you
but it wasn’t anybody from reality.
We went inside into a room
where strangers were brewing a pot of tea.
They  led us to a window
and  gave us little cakes to balance on our knees.
And  we watched the world turn grey
before the wind blew it all away
We looked into each other’s eyes,
brows raised.
I asked for another cake
and someone came along to fill my plate.
The clocks began to tic,  I was getting sick,
still I ate.
Then the man with the golden eye
fixed me with a stare as though I wasn’t there.
I saw with some surprise there was no face behind his eye
just an empty glare.
And the room began to spin,
the walls caved in.
Time slipped away
back to yesterday.
In my room I was still asleep
in someone else’s bed
as the moon began to rise like a halo in disguise
just above my head.
You  were resting peacefully,
the  rosary shimmering like falling stars,
the Book of Life was open,
all the words erased and replaced with scars.
Was it worth a second look
to  read between the lines?
We shook hands and laughed
and everything was fine.
A rainbow settled softly in your eye
as we said goodbye.
The Byrds were singing Beatle songs
even though the words were wrong
it made me cry.
Then you  vanished
or is it that I looked away,
blinded by a ray of hope,
caught in a kaleidoscope of disarray?
And the bells began to ring,
I heard Gabriel sing,
“but I am lost in this half world,
it hardly seems to matter now.” 3 comments

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