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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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My Answer to "A Narcissist Checklist"

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Those who know me will appreciate the humor, those that don't will think I'm a narcissist.

My answers to "A Narcissist Checklist"
1.  Two faced, critical of others behind their backs.
Do you think I'd be wearing this one if I was two faced?  And I'm not stupid, I'm not going to criticize someone to their face!
2.  Blames others for failures.
You don't think I'm going to blame myself, do you?
3.  Acts different in public and private.  
If I acted stupid in private, my wife would slap the tar out of me.
4.  Unreliable.  
I'm very reliable.  You can count on me to voice my opinions.
5.  Superior attitude.
I can't help it if the rest of the world is 99% dumb as pet rocks.
6.  Lives in fancy world of porn and affairs and dreams of fame.
At my age, I'll take it.  (Seriously, I do dream of fame, don't we all?)
7.  Distorts facts to suit own agenda.  
I don't have an agenda and I don't know very many "facts".
8.  Irresponsible with money.
I am not!  I carefully watched E-Bay for days before I bought that golf club.
9.  Only emotionally available when wants something.
What is "something" ??  I'm emotional when I want to see my old pal April in doggie heaven.
10.  Lacks sympathy for others.
Only if they continue to make the same mistakes in their lives, over and over again, and then feel sorry for themselves for doing so.
11.  Controlling.
I control things in my house.  Shirley never tells me how to do the danged dishes.
12. Provokes people then blames them for the fight.
I might provoke people but if they are bigger than me, I won't fight them.  I'll just shoot them.
13.  Can't admit mitsakes.
What mitsakes?   I thought I was wrong once, then I found out I wasn't.

You are welcome (NO, ENCOURAGED) to comment or write something on this.

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