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Rebekah King Rebekah King
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My Weird Dream

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I had an insane dream the other night. It seemed to have been inspired by a mixture of Transformers, Battleship (the movie), Final Fantasy and Mass Effect. I wrote down what I could remember of the dream as soon as I woke up because it was just ridiculously brilliant and I thought it could actually make a decent story with some sense weaved into it. As dreams tend not to make much sense as you’d all know.

From what I could gather, the main protagonist seemed to be a young man named Sam who was accompanied by sister Jess, a brother who I think was named Heath and parents. And this family was accompanied by a large purple alien who looked like a Ronso from Final Fantasy X, and whose name was Saren. There was some sort of alien invasion going on and Sam was vital to stopping the aliens and saving humanity. I’ll just let the general synopsis I’ve come up with speak for itself, shall I?

Aggressive aliens touch down on Earth following an inter-galactic dispute between the aggressors and Saren’s people about whether or not they should conduct contact peacefully. So Saren’s warriors follow them to Earth once they realise what they’ve done.

Earth has minimal warning of the attack, only given by strange drop-pods flying down to the surface with no apparent life-signs. They came from ships that are cloaked outside of Earth’s atmosphere. One of these pods lands in the middle of the cul-du-sac where Sam and his family live. They hear the crash, and after freaking out, they slowly head outside to see this alien pod in the middle of the road. They are not skeptical people, so they immediately recognise that it’s not something of their world. Heath, who was told to stay inside, calls out to them about something on the television. They head inside and find that the news is reporting these pods falling everywhere around the world totalling about one hundred. It’s noted that if aliens wanted to invade, why only send one hundred of these things? Sam says it’s because they could be scouts and that this could only be the beginning. 2 comments

The family decides there’s no time to waste, and they have to get away from that thing as quickly as possible. As they’re packing up the house that night, the pod opens and releases an insect-like humanoid alien, like an arconite but bigger and black, more human and wearing armour with strange weapons. It begins to scope the area, without killing anyone. It turns its attention to Sam’s family. They retreat further into the house when the alien breaks down the door. Sam has grabbed a machete from his room and gets all of his family behind him and tries to defend them. The alien takes great interest in him, especially when he swings the machete and it clatters off the alien’s armour. The alien then grabs Sam and uses some sort of energy from its hand to brand Sam’s arm with a strange symbol. Sam screams in pain and tells his family to stay back.

As this is happening, Saren comes into the house and begins to fight with the alien. He eventually rips it in two, then turns to the family and tells them his name and that he’s not there to hurt them. He looks at Sam’s arm and explains that the brand is a mark of the people that should be targeted first by the coming invasion, the brave and fearless, the trained soldiers and militants as well, the invaders want to keep these people as they could be useful once the invasion is over. Sam says he was training to be in the Air Force. Saren suggests they should stay with him if they wish to live and they leave the house just as the military roll up outside.

The military takes the family and Saren to a government facility where their VP explains that this is not the first time the aliens have come to Earth. Decades ago, they came on a scouting mission that was far less aggressive, and they parted on peaceful terms. They are not sure what has brought them back so aggressively now. Saren explains that it is the antagonist who was brought them back. He is a half-human, half-alien hybrid who was born of that last encounter.

He lived among the humans for decades, and he despised what he saw. So when the aliens returned seeking their prize, he came to the government and told them what he was and that he was what they wanted. He left the planet with his kind and told them all about Earth. All the horror and anguish and misery that humans inflict on this planet and to one another, and the aliens wanted to attack Earth and claim it as their own, before the vile race harmed it further.

Saren’s race disputed the invaders, saying that Earth belonged to the humans, and regardless of their opinion of their ways, they could not just take it from them. Saren’s race believed this could be resolved peacefully. But the aliens followed their hybrid leader without question. Saren’s race warned that if they invaded, their people would follow, but they did not listen, and follow they did. Saren’s race are not as many in numbers as the invaders, but if they quell this invasion now before it has the chance to really start, they may have a chance.

So, yeah, like I said it was a pretty insane dream. Let me know what you guys think of the plot and whether I should make something of this or not.

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