Goldie Kohli Goldie Kohli
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Nicely written Myles. Sums up the feelings of being different, feeling different in school, the bullying and harassment that makes one hate school.

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Myles Kridler Myles Kridler
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Lunchrooms and Other Hells

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soul mates

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

The gauntlet of the lunchroom,
A daunting place of hate and aggression,
Head down,
Eyes front,
Don’t look at them,
You didn’t feel the rubber bands,
The food,
The paper balls,
Like bullets,
Like their insults,
You didn’t feel any of it,
It grazed you and your self esteem,
Hold back those tears,
Don’t ask yourself why
Just walk,
Focus on your steps,
Your new backpack,
This is cool your mom said
She was trying to help when she picked it,
She knows how hard school is for you,
It breaks her heart when you come home crying.
When at ten years old you were done being alive,
You hold back the pain of knowing it hurts her,
All you feel is pain but you press on,
Stuck between hating life
And cherishing  it.
You keep going,
For her.
Her smile when she sees you,
How proud of you she is
and how much she loves you.
She needs you to be strong,
And you do it.
You push through and you hold on,
Because you can clean off your backpack
And your friends think it’s cool,
Because breathing is extraordinary,
And every second alive,
Is worth living. 1 comment

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