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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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I Came From the Stars

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She had a friend.

This came to me...out of the Blue. Just as I was prepping b-fast this A.M. It just sort of popped into my skull, so to speak. Have a grand existence .... earthling.

Dear Earthling                                                         16/11/015
                                                                       Year of Wormwood

I know you're not going to believe me. Only children of your race stand always at the ready to believe anything. I fell from the skies as my craft was pulled into your air space. As much as I tried, I could not steer my ship away from your gravitational pull. And so it was that I plummeted into the body of liquid substance nearby. My ship was cloaked as I entered your atmosphere. There was the usual brief flare of flame and the liquid which I impacted, engulfed my craft; insomuch, that it absorbed the shock of entry. Of course on your primitive radar, my ship would have appeared as a momentary blip. Our technology confused your tracking devices. So it's apparent that your vastly outdated methods of sky-watching failed. You could not have detected my ship's entry into your atmosphere.

I am like a presence without a shadow. I leave no detectable trace. I have no DNA.At least not in the sense that you've come to perceive it. My gills were stretched beyond capacity to synthesize to your atmosphere.I found your oxygen somewhat difficult to tolerate. My pulmonary function was ,for a time, stretched to the limit.Fortunately, I brought my own air-supply. It should last for the duration of my unwarranted visit.

I came from the stars. Yes...those stars. I take it, you know about those several constellations? I'm sure my location would be lost on you. We know of those primitive boxes, you humans!ha..ha..(snort)..computers. Ah, yes, where was I? I traverse the universal by-ways. More precisely from the north-eastern quadrant of Alpha Centauri. We have been studying you...from a considerable distance, for a few eons now, so to speak. How you have managed to stay intact, as a race, is a monumental stretch of the imagination! We have observed you with mouths agape to wonder how you are able to slaughter one another as you do.

I am Kragor from the planet Zotar. I sped by your planet from a distance of 2.6 trillion light years. This was not my original destination. I was on my way to join the Others. Unfortunately, I passed by too close and was pulled into your world. My ship is submerged in your...h2o (as you've chosen to call it) some distance from here. By the time you get this message, I will have departed from your strangely ...tragic world.

I see though (through my visor) that your planet has a strange beauty about it. It is a shame that it will not last out the next milennia. I feel pained from the rays emitting from your light source. My outer layer burns from the radiation. I feel pain fluxing as it grows stronger by this incremental thing you call Time. Could it be that your energy source is dying? For energy and power sources, we do not lack. We have not one, but three energy sources such as that which keeps you alive. Fortunately, we are self-sustaining. We assimilate, we adapt. If ever our world should be destroyed by cataclysmic forces, then we would simply move to the next habitable planet. You see, we, are a transient species, highly adaptable, unlike your own. We advanced beyond reasonable expectation because it was necessary to do so. It's not that our planet is dying,as most of your kind, would surmise. It's just that our exploration is prerequisite to War. It's a "necessary evil",as your race would call it. For you see, your orbital path is midway between us and a race we call our enemies. We must destroy them before they can do the same to us! It will shake your world once the Cycron detonators are initiated.

2nd Entry

I saw a comet as I traversed on my way. It seemed to me it was on the same trajectory in line with your planet. I had to turn away from its' radioactive glow. So powerful was the trailing stream that human words fail to express its' magnitude. Such an awesome spectacle of dread I have not witnessed in all of my intergalactic explorations.

     I felt the heat from its' flame. According to my co-ordinates you should see it in your atmosphere within a decade. That is, the blink in time which you often refer to as being ten of your earth years. After I first sighted it, I chose to log it, into my memory bank, as Wormwood. This...rogue comet, is much e...a...hurtling...poisonous..object of exponential proportion. Make no mistake,this broken-off piece, of a planet, close to the sun, is purely radio-active. There will be no life left, to speak of; at the place where it hits. Even in passing it, I felt extreme burning, radiating, almost overpowering my flight equilibrium. Had it passed any nearer to my craft, I would have been vaporized.

I...pray...ha.ha..ha! Did I hear myself correctly? I believe, in your human vernacular,to pray, means," to speak to impossible odds". I hear your thoughts. And to pray to what? Is that what your mind is puzzling over? Even now, I can discern your thought patterns. Don't ask me how I know. Its' beyond your ability to understand. Why do you not believe in anything other than Even in our part of the universe, we have heard of...this Being that controls life itself. Even though none of my race has ever seen...this Being, we have understood for eons untold, that...this Force.. holds the four corners of the universe ...quite...intact. Our science bears out that there is an operative intelligence far above all technology.

3rd Attempt

I did not mean to disturb your errant sense of peace. All you need to do is breathe the air to know that your planet is deeply in chaos. Though you are hardly aware of the critical mode that your race has achieved, I must warn you that there still may be some time to blunt its' effects.The question is

      In such a short time, your world is collapsing. Like a black hole, it is on the verge of implosion. There is no reversing time or change. Your pathetic planet, is writhing, in the genesis throes of suffocation. Short years from now, your inhabitants will have to wear appariti to breathe. Air will be sold as a rare commodity. In due time, air; will become more precious than all your rare gems combined.

     Water will be precious. Where there was once flourishing vegetation, there will be monumental stretches of arid desert regions. There will no longer exist, creatures of the avian variety. Your food chain will have long since exceeded its' fragile limits. Famine will be supreme ruler. The organic will give way to synthetic food sources which will cause horrors of freakish genetic deformities. The sun's radiation will reduce the forests to tinder. Shall I continue, earthling? Why do you cover your head as if to avoid hearing the horrifying truth of your final denoument?

      There is still time to change. Reverse the curse. Before it is inexorably too late, think of what this world could become if given a chance. In the space of a century,there still may appear a faint hope. Like a distant star, there may still glimmer a miniscule spark of life on your planet. All will be lost unless a different course is launched by your collective forces. Your world's nations must concede to the ultimate priority. In essence, an erratic, world-wide survivalist movement must emerge. It must, immediately; become first priority over personal gain. After must agree, that you are a voraciously selfish lot!

The 4th Installment

    I saw the avian life-form flitting high in the sky earlier. It is amazing to me how your beings of nature have adapted so marvelously to these changing times. They so depend on you to keep them from complete extinction, you know. And, yet, it is so tragic that you are incapable of saving yourselves.

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