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Sierra Winchester Sierra Winchester
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How Cas says I love you.

I love you (Cas):

Cas had began dating you when you first started hanging around the boys. It hadnt exactly been on purpose, but he ended up liking it more than he thought he would. Especially kissing.

Not a whole lot of time passed before he noticed something. When he wasn't around you he missed you, he worried worse than ever, and he felt...empty. Deciding he must be sick or something, he went to talk to the boys.

They say at the table in the library and listened as he explained. Dean began to laugh as Sam just smiled kindly. When he was done Dean laughed and muttered about getting a drink.

As Dean went to et himself a beer, Sam smiled at the young angel, "cas, you're in love with her. That's called being in love."

Castiel nodded slowly, not quiet understanding. After some brief explanations he understood and asked what to do. Dean answered this time, "Tell her. Do it during sex or something."

Sam shook his head, smacking the back of his brothers head, "Do it when it feels right. When you know it's the right time, tell her that you're in love with her."

Barley a day later, Cas and you were in the Impala, waiting for the brothers to get back so you could drive to a new hunt. As you waited, Cas turned to you, "Dare?"

"Yeah, babe?" You asked.

He shook his head and changed his mind about telling you. The next few weeks he did this about fifty times, constantly wanting to tell you, but not sure when the "perfect" time would be.

Eventually, it began to concern you. So, when you had some free time you stopped him. "Cas. Please, I'm worried about you, honey. Just tell me what it is..."

Nervously, he glanced around and then mumbled, as if embarrassed, "I am in love with you, Darian."

Eyes widening you stated for a moment before bursting into laughter. Hurt filled his eyes and you istanyly stopped. "Were you really scared to tell me?" You ask.

After he nods you roll your eyes and kiss him passionately, "I'm in love with you too...assbutt." You both burst into laughter. Although, for the next few months you questioned how an angel who had dealt with so much was so scared to tell you such a simple thing.

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