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Sierra Winchester Sierra Winchester
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Sam (I Love You)

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She had a friend.

I love you (Sam):

Sam had been a childhood friend, constantly moving. Your single mom was in the military, and a lot of the time you ended up meeting again and again as you both moved around. Around the time he left college, you dropped out because your mom has been killed.

A few months later you met up again when they stopped in a small town near Toledo, only to find you there. You explained that a leviathan had gotten your mom late one night and a hunter had saved you. When he saw a picture of Sam and you ate college, he asked if you knew him.

After a long talk, you knew enough about hunters to know that you wanted to become one. With no formal training, you did your best- usually staying with other hunters.

Once you'd met up with the boys again, you joined them. It was simple since Dean was already like an older brother to you and Sam had been your friend since you were in diapers.

Months passed and as Sam and you walked back from a convince store, he turned to you. "Dare?" He asked.

Nodding in response he bit his lip and turned to you, setting the bags on the ground, "Dare."

Seeing this was more serious than a joke about dean's pie obsession, you placed the bags down and gave him the attention he wanted.

"Darian... I have loved you since we were in fifth grade and you punched that boy out for taking my book." With that statement, he leaned forward and kissed you deeply.

Kissing back with just as much fervor, you  whispered against his lips, "I love you too."

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