Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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I think that embrace would sound better but that is my own opinion. To whom do we request it from and who should be pompous enough to assume the power to give it?

Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Amazing what one hears when they actually 'listen'

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

language is there for you?

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Chris Costanza Chris Costanza
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Poetry: Part II

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soul mates

I've always hated the phrase
"Command of language".
Language is not meant to be commanded,
like a dictator soured with the stench of self-importance.  

Rather, Language is something we should request,
from day of birth to last gasp of breath.  
It is the gentle touch of a lover,
a caring friend, a kind-hearted mother.   1 comment

Why command, when you can listen?  
careful now, young one.  
Language is not always clear, seldom loud,
But always there,
If you take the proper care.  
Have patience, take your time.  
For two years these words swirled in this head of mine.  
Language will come soon enough.  

When the day finally arrives,
And Poetry's whispers have returned to save lives,
Do not delay, you have your orders.  
This time language has commanded you.

You are the medium, Poetry is the artist.  

So write, and write, and write  
Smile,laugh, mourn, and cry,
Until the gentle whispers subside
And the medium begins to die.  

Careful now, old one.  
being a medium can be quite exhausting.  
So many emotions through a mortal pen can't help but take a toll.  

You may be old, tired, and grey,
But don't fret, don't over-pray.  
Language will be there for you. 2 comments

Just listen.

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