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Jordan Hewitt Jordan Hewitt
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Firewatch: A Spark - Part 1

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

WARNING: If you haven't played the game Firewatch then A: Spoilers and B: Might not make sense. Also my first attempt at any form of Fan Fiction, normally I don't get attched to characters like I did with Henry and Delilah. Anyways this is the first of many parts to come.

So here I am, finally putting this typewriter to use. I mean hell I wrote every day out there but honestly, since I left Two Forks I haven’t touched the damn thing. But I guess any time is good as any to pick this writing thing back up. The helicopter ride out was kind of cool, yeah a national forest was engulfed in death below me but honestly I kind of enjoyed it. As morbid as it is, seeing all that life disappearing in flames is sort of awe inspiring. The debrief wasn’t much for excitement. D wasn’t there, much like she wasn’t in her tower even though I told her to wait. Woman never struck me as the one to stick around for long. The drive home was long, especially with half my seat torn out by some masked bastard. That and the image of some rotting kid in the bottom of a cave. Fucking Brain, poor kid didn’t deserve a fate like that. But it is what it is I guess.

I went to see Jules a few days after that check cleared from the Forest Service. Flew down under with some shred of hope that Jules would remember me. Don’t know why I did. When I got there she didn’t see anything in me. Just another random idiot roaming this earth. Her family took her wedding ring. Just took it right off, I’m sure she protested when they did but the next day I doubt she remembered the ring ever existed. I spent some time at the bar with her sister. Nothing special, just coming to terms with the slowly degrading life I’m coasting through.

I flew back to the states with an empty soul and a nasty hangover. Waste of my time. But I got some closure I guess. Maybe time to file for divorce. Finally end that chapter of my life. Finally move on and try to start something new. Finally do something with myself other than drink. Finally decide what to do next.

Jet lagged from the cross continental excursion my drive home was slow paced. I stopped at the gas station to pick up a case of beer and some Beef Jerky. You’d think as much of that shit I ate that summer I’d be sick of it but honestly, I sort of crave it now. I pulled up to my house about mid day now and there’s someone on my porch. I park my truck and remove my groceries before approaching her. A woman around my age stands up. She’s about 5’ 10”, long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail with a few strands that escaped and fell forward. She has the build of a hiker, strong legs, wide hips, average torso covered in tan skin. She’s got these glowing brown eyes, soft nose, and these pink lips that are slowly spreading into a smirk.

“Hey there Hank”

“Uh it’s actually Henry”

“I like Hank better…”

I pause, that voice, I swear I’ve heard it bef- “Delilah?”

“In the flesh” she did some half-hearted curtsy and her smirk expanded into a smile.

“Didn’t think I’d ever see you” I didn’t know if I was happy or frustrated at the woman in front of me.

“I didn’t think you would either, I mean… not then, but here I am!” her voice was starting to get hoarse, like she was fighting back some sort of sorrow.

“What changed your mind?” The debate of whether or not I should embrace her visit or tell her to fuck off continued to play in my mind.

“Shit Hank, I could go on about that for hours but honestly I don’t really have anywhere I can go” her eyes started to get red as swelling began the formation of tears “well that and..” she began to regain her composure “I had to show you that the body fit that sexy voice you had to listen to over the radio”. She forced a smile.

Fuck it. I mean honestly what do I have to lose. Plus standing here isn’t going to solve anything, this case of beer is starting to get heavy and I’m trying to do this whole move on thing. Why not start now.

“Hold this” I hand her the beer and turn to open my front door. I fiddle with my keys and twist the lock open. My door opens and I step through as the screen smacks me in the ass. I take a deep breath and the aroma of neglected filth returns to me. Home.

“Can I come in? Because if not I’m just going to start drinking out here.”

“ Yeah welcome to my humble abode and all of it’s glory”

“Kind of a shithole” she stepped through the door closing it behind her, slowly taking in her surroundings.

“Well I try to match the condition of my home with my truck, you know consistency and what not” I walk to my kitchen and set my keys on the counter, I start tearing into the bag of Jerky as I motion for her to come over. “Plus I really wasn’t expecting company”

“Yeah well I couldn’t get a hold of you, must have changed numbers” she walks up to me and hands me the case of beer. I pull out two cans and hand one to her before opening my own and taking the first sip of many that would come that night.

“Yeah well I just got back in town” I put the case in the near empty fridge next some mustard and some old Chinese that’s been in there since I left the country.

“Oh where’d you go?” her eyebrow raised showing some interest in my travels.

“Australia, to you know, see Jules and what not.” I moved to my couch and plopped down, slowly becoming absorbed in its plush heaven.

“Oh, how’s she doing?” she cracked open her can and slurped away the foam.

“Didn’t really talk to her, she didn’t remember me and she wasn’t wearing her ring so yeah.” I took a long swig of beer. It’s alcoholic properties filing my body, numbing me, taking hold and getting ready to stay.

“Oh shit, well, what are you going to do now” she said before matching my consumption rate with a hefty gulp of her own.

“This.” I took another drink of that golden liquid.

“For how long?”

“Until I find something else to do. But for now I’m going to enjoy being home.” I took another drink. She matched with one of her own. I forgot she drank more than me. This is going to be a long night.

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