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Sierra Winchester Sierra Winchester
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Happy endings are stories that haven't ended

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She had a friend.

Just me. My life. My reality.

You want to know what's seriously sad?

What really makes me balk?

A few short months ago, I spent every possible second awake.

Sleeping was worse than anything because the nightmares.

They left me feeling hollow and like I was oozing with thick, black goo.

But now?

Now I do my best to sleep.

Because even the nightmares are better than this life.

At least in the nightmares I'm not alone
In the nightmares they talk to me...

Everyone is willing to show up and tell me all those awful things, or do even worse things..

. But you know what?

They still show up.

They still talk to me.

They're still there and It's become reliable
My nightmares aren't my saving grace, but they're certainly around a lot more than my sanity and they've become my new home.

A dark, broken and lonely home that only I live in.

But it's a home.

That's all that matters...
I'm home again.

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