Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

...but you were particularly 'found' of this one. Maybe a typo but I think 'found' should be 'fond'.

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Found mean that you have located something that you have lost. Fond means that you like something.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

The sound of the two metals - a very effective touch here. Gives depth to the visualisation of the story.

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

You had just finished a marathon of The Walking Dead and 'were'.... The word 'were' should be 'was' to be grammatically correct.

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Use the word ‘were’ when referring to plural subjects “All of the children in the class were busy getting ready for a party."

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Use the word ‘was’ when referring to singular subjects. In your sentence 'The Walking Dead' is referring to a single subject (the series as a whole) therefore the it is singular.

Jim Miller Jim Miller
Recommendations: 29

Cas-should be capitalized

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

Nice connection here. Brothers sharing each other's happiness. Good connection here

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

'Stepping into his waiting arms once you were on the concrete floor.' This is an incomplete sentence. You might want to rewrite the sentence because as it is it doesn't really make sense as a sentence. An example would be 'Once you are on the concrete floor you step into his waiting arms.'

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Not sure what you mean by 'the back of Baby'.

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Not sure what you mean by 'the back of Baby'.

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Sierra Winchester Sierra Winchester
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Happy Birthday

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She had a friend.

For a friend's birthday.

Your hands ran down the length of your blue dress, the one Sam had nearly begged you to wear. Due to the nature of some cases, you owned dresses, but you were particularly found of this one. The back had quite a large opening and the whole thing had a low layer of lace surrounding the fabric, making it more formal. 2 comments

Once you'd changed into that, and a matching pair of sandals that were much more comfortable (and easier to run in) than heels, you headed down the stairs. You ignored the way the banister sounded against the cool ring on your left hand. In all actuality, you loved the sound of the two metals touching. It always reminded you of why that ring was there. 1 comment

You had just finished a marathon of The Walking Dead and were beginning to clean up the popcorn bowls and beer cans that littered the beside table. Dean helped you, though he seemed off tonight. He'd barely been paying attention to the show, his eyes constantly on you and Sam, who's arm was slung across your shoulders. Normally, he would've been shouting at the tv or tossing popcorn towards the characters that he hated whenever they came on screen. 3 comments

As you headed to the kitchen to dump the trash, you asked softly so Sam wouldn't overhear, "You doing okay, Dean? You seem kinda... Quiet tonight. Something wrong?"

Dean was quick to shake his head and shoot you a reassuring smile. "M'fine. Don't worry about me, Sarah. Just a bit tired is all."

As you dumped the kernels into the trash, you glanced at the eldest Winchester. You'd been around long enough to know that he was lying through his teeth, but you decided not to push it. Not tonight at least... In the morning was a whole other story. "Okay, Dean."

You both headed down the same hallway, but you split off halfway. Saying a quick goodnight to Dean, you returned to his brothers room. Your shared room, ever since you began to date about a year and a half ago and he invited you into it.

Sam hadn't changed for bed yet, which was a little surprising, but then again, he didn't always change. You sidled up next to him, snuggling against his plaid-covered chest, "What're you doing, you big lug?"

His baritone laugh echoed through your skull, vibrating you with it, "Currently I'm being attacked."

"Attacked!?" You scoffed in false outrage, pulling away from his warmth to jokingly glare at him. "I was loving you, idiot!"

"Oh well, if that's the case then please come back." He grinned cheekily at you, causing you to laugh softly.

Laying back against him, his arms soon encircled you in a calm embrace. After a few minutes of silence, ones that nearly lulled you to sleep since his heartbeat was in your ear, he spoke softly, "Sarah?"

"Hmmm?" You hummed out, eyes opening slowly.

Sam shifted below you, turning you so that you could see his face. Nervousness was the dominating emotion and you instantly grew worried. What was up with the Winchester brothers tonight? Before you could even open your mouth to ask, he was speaking. "So, we've been together a while, right?"

Even though it was meant to be rhetorical, you answered so he was forced to continue, "Nearly two years, yes."

Sam nodded, smiling a little at the sass that laced your tone. "Well, you know I love you. Dean loves you, too. Hell, everyone loves you. It's impossible not to!" He shook his head, smile widening as he got off topic a little. "Anyway, you know all that. And you know that you've saved me from some very dark times and that you make me happy. Happy isn't something Dean and I are completely used to, but it's true. You make us happy. Even cas, and he's practically a robot!" 1 comment

Cutting him off from his rambling, you giggled and raised an eyebrow, "What's this all about, Sammy?"

His face softened at the nickname. Even if his brother had coined it, and even if it annoyed him to no end, it was a term of endearment coming from you. "Sarah... I love you with all of my heart. I know hunting isn't always the easiest of lifestyles and I get that we aren't supposed to forge connections with people. But we've gotta rely on family. That's all we've got, yeah?"

You nodded at that. Family was the only thing you could truly trust in this business.

"You've been family since we met... But I think it would be more appropriate if we shared a last name, huh?"

Your eyes widened a little and you stumbled over your words some, "Sam.. Are... Is... What's.."

This time, he cut you off, his anxiousness seeming to ebb away as he gently took your left hand, smiling at you. "Sarah, will you marry me? I know I'm not the greatest catch out there and that you could do so much better, but I'm willing to do anything for you. You don't even have to take my last name, but God, all I really want is you to be mine forever. To say that there won't be anyone else in your bed or in your heart. I'm not trying to be cheesy...but I haven't loved anyone this way since Jessica, and even then, I love you more. Please... Just say yes so I can stop babbling like a fool."

You laughed at that last sentence, unable to stop your words as they tumbled out, "You'll never stop babbling!" He laughed along with you, but there was serious worry ringing in his voice. With a grin, you nodded, allowing his calloused fingers to slide the ring onto your hand, "'Course I'll marry you. Who else is gonna put up with your snoring!?"

He laughed, kissing you deeply, but you could hear Dean outside of his door, cheering and calling out. "No one will ever be as patient as you!" 1 comment

You laughed at Dean, kissing Sam again, but deeper this time. You were happy and there was certainly more bright spots in your life than there had been in a long time.

Sam was waiting at the bottom of the stairs as you descended, his eyes traversing you with love and hunger all at once. Stepping into his waiting arms once you were on the concrete floor. 1 comment

"You always look so beautiful. I don't understand how you do it, but every time I see you I feel like I'm seeing all of the great things in the world all at once."

You rolled your eyes, chuckling at your sappy fiancé, "Oh shut up, Sam. Are you going to tell me where we're going or shower me in affection until I'm old?"

He grinned at you, "Both. And I told you, we're going to dinner with Dean and Castiel. Afterwards, he, Cas, is going to marry us."

Jokingly, I asked, "Is that legal?"

Sam laughed softly, lips grazing my cheekbone and up to the shell of my ear, "Nothing we do is legal. But he has the documentation and he's an angel of the lord, so that's good enough in my book."

I nodded in agreement, gently turning his chin away from my hair to my lips, urging him to kiss me. He does just that, a deep and loving kiss that lets all of his passion flow through to me. Things grow a little heated, his teeth gently capturing my lip piercing and tugging on it in the most sensual way possible.

Before things can progress any further, Dean clears his throat from the bunkers doorway and calls out, "Wait until after you're married to consummate, lovebirds! C'mon, there's pie and cake in the back of Baby and I ain't waitin' all damn night for you two to put it back in your pants!" 2 comments

We laughed, Sam's arm wrapping around my waist as he led me up the stairs, looking dapper in his suit, as did Dean. On the way up, Sam whispered into the hollow of my neck, "Don't worry about a honeymoon, either. We're going to a bed and breakfast in Vermont. Quaint, charming. Haunted."

I couldn't tell if he was joking, but it didn't much matter either way. Anywhere with Sam was good enough for me. Especially if he fulfilled the promise that his hands were making as they trailed my thigh the whole ride to the restaurant.

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