Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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Begins as beautifully poignant but ends the verse on a positive note. Very effectively done.

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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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The Pheonix

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soul mates

From the ashes of despair
rise up and take the reins of my heart's desire
turn my wishes into a burning fire
that propels me towards my destination
let me have my victory and my salvation 1 comment

let me feel the warmth of true bliss
that fills my heart with happiness
let me awaken a new inspired confident me
and lift the branches of my willow tree

Sadness has lived too long in my bones
leaving too many unturned stones
Discovery and growth are where my path leads
but first I must dispense with the weeds

They have crowded and stunted the thoughts in my brain
put my focus and purpose in a different lane
I must remember all the strengths I have within me
Enter new unchartered waters of discovery

Let me find new roots and grow to new heights
let me bring out the beauty of my inner light
It has always been there hiding in the dark
to reawaken in me that elusive spark

The wheels are slowly beginning to turn
stoking the fire that will help me continue to learn
soon the light within me will bring a new outer glow
revealing the true self I used to know

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