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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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My True Love, My Dearest Breeze

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soul mates

Dedicated to my best friend in the entire world, Amber Breeze Bolding. She's been my rock and my fortress.  I owe my life to this woman!

Verse 1
I'm writing this song just for you,
So you may Know that my love is true...
I've been through so much heartache and pain,
But through You I've found shelter from the rain.
You picked me right up off the ground,
And because of you now I have found,
My purpose and calling to live my life,
A reason for me to lay down this Knife..
For once in my life I want to do Right,
So for you, my love, I'm going to shine Bright!
My love for you could swallow the earth..
You're the one who induced my rebirth..
You're the smile I wear upon my face..
You're the one,who makes my heart pace..
I'm finally happy, and it's All because of you!
Without you in my life, I'd not know what to do..
So before I die, I'll stand a top the world,
And shout to heaven and earth that You are my Baby Girl!
Verse 2
You've given me strength that I need to stand,
On one foot, And a crutch in each hand..
Each day that see your sweet loving face,
I know I've got the courage to finish life's race.
And every time I hear your voice I feel no fear,
Cause each moment you are close all life's worries disappear.
And even when you're gone, I know you're not that far.
Cause there's no place you can go where you won't be in my heart.
So if you're ever lonely or unsure where to go,
Listen to these words, and in your soul you Will know...

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