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Kimberly Cordell Kimberly Cordell
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Princes & Frogs: Chapter 4 and Epilogue

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Chapter 4
The Battle

When they opened their eyes, Shylah was nowhere to be seen.  They immediately noticed that their armor had changed.  It now bore the emblem of the Most High King and fit as though it had been tailored to fit them.  Arianna and Sienna were ready to fight.

Ascending a myriad of stairs, they stood before the very door that their adversaries lurked behind.  Without a word, Arianna drew her sword and pushed open the iron-barred door.  Sienna notched an arrow in her bow.  They entered and let the door close behind them.  There they stood face to face with Hadar and Motan, the very dragons that had captured Arianna and brought her to the black fortress.

The dragons lunged at the princesses.  Sienna loosed an arrow at Motan's scaly flank; an arrow that bounced off and fell to the floor.  Sienna frowned with dismay.  Dragon's scales acted like chain mail, though even it had its weak spots.  Motan blew a jet of orange flame at Sienna.  She blocked his attack with a broad shield that was latched onto her arm.

Arianna ran at Hadar, sword in hand.  To Hadar's surprise, she ran underneath him and jammed her sword into his soft belly.  He tried to fall on her in hopes of crushing her beneath his enormous bulk, but she rolled out from under him in a flash.  His wound was fatal.  Enraged, the Rindeth intensified his attacks.  He turned toward her and latched his jaws onto her leg.

Arianna screamed in pain.  Dragon fangs ripped at her legs, driving her chain mail deep into her tender skin.  She gritted her teeth and plunged her fiery-white blade into his skull.  Hadar roared in agony, releasing her leg.  She crawled away as quickly as her injured body would allow her to.  The dragon fell to the ground with a thud.  He was dead.  Arianna turned to see how Sienna fared.

Sienna's condition was far worse than Arianna's.  She was pinned to the cold stone floor with a single black claw.  Though Hadar had been larger and stronger than Motan, Motan was far more agile and had a seemingly endless supply of stamina.

Arianna longed to come to her companion's aid, but her injury would not allow it.  She ripped a strip of cloth from her tunic and wrapped it around the wound.  She rose to her feet, only to fall back again.

Motan did not move.  He held Sienna in his fiery grasp, torturing his prey.  She closed her eyes, preparing to draw her final breath.  Arianna refused to give up.

"Most High King," she said aloud, "…You have given this task to us.  Please give us the strength to finish it."

She rose to her feet without falling back to the ground.  She found her wounds completely healed.  No traces of dragon-teeth remained.  As she stood, the iron-barred door burst open.  A knight with shining armor sat upon a white horse.  Arianna grinned.  The white horse resembled Arion.  Torin looked upon Arianna with his green eyes, and then lowered his helmet's visor.  He spurred Arion forward.  The horse and rider streaked past at lightening speed.

Motan rose on his hind legs to meet his new opponent.  His last arrogant move proved to be his last.  Torin's sword pierced his black heart.  The black dragon toppled over backwards.

Torin jumped off of his horse.  He pulled off his helmet and set it aside.  He rushed toward the princesses as Arianna helped Sienna to her feet.  As soon as the girls convinced him that neither of them was harmed, he snatched Arianna up in a bear hug.  She jumped back in surprise.  Sienna stared at them in wonder.

Torin let go, then knelt before Arianna.  His hand held hers and his green eyes looked deeply into her dark brown eyes.  She blushed profusely.  

"Will you marry me, Arianna?" he asked innocently.

Arianna nearly fainted.  

Sienna, still staring at them in wonder, shook her head and said, "Who proposes on a BATTLEFIELD?!?"

The room erupted with laughter.


To say that all in this tale lived happily ever after would be a lie, for not all did.  Evangeline's heinous crimes were discovered.  The Most High King banished her from the land of Nalion.  Taking Conan, Torin's frog of a brother, she fled into the Beramord Wastelands.

Before Hadar and Motan were killed, Colette had tried to summon them and bend their wills toward her own.  Enraged by the tedious tasks she asked of them, Hadar swallowed her whole.

The only people who truly lived happily ever after were the princes and princesses of the Nalion.  After escaping Carden's black castle, Sienna, Arianna, and Torin returned to Nalion.  Several months later, Torin and Arianna were married.  Their wedding was a glorious and festive occasion.  They lived happily ever after until the Most High King called all of the princes and princesses to Elestara, where all truly lived happily ever after.

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