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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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In the Eyes of...

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soul mates

Hello! Long time, no see! A little poem somewhat addressing the idea of how a person who wittingly takes the fall for the mistakes of others can be seen, by others AND by themselves, as a criminal in the eyes of both God and the devil.

I see the claws and hear the voices
I briefly glimpse the shadow's gaze
Selfish lies and unkept choices
A pawn within the game it plays

My soul reached out to those in anguish
I carried them home from their trials
Should I have failed, we all would languish
And Hell would take me for his child

I never failed to remain vigilant
Though I felt ill and weak and faint
How lives were changed through my diligence
And how I suffered the victim's pain

I made the choice to bear their fears
I'll gladly suffer for this short life
But as they cherish their life dear
They perpetuate mine in strife

I bear the burdens of the evil
Of the fearful, weak and blind
How He allows me to see still
I may not know until I die

Through their eyes, I see the flickers
Smouldering walls of living flame
Through their lungs, I feel sicker
And know this is eternal pain

I kiss His feet, I hold my own
Upon the cross I hold so dear
In His eyes, I know I am no foe
But I still tremble, I still fear

But God has kept the fire at bay
Although, I admit, I am still afriad
Of what I may become one day
If I shedded my beloved faith

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