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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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soul mates

I have never been one to cause a scene or ruffle a feather
I have always just waited for finer weather
Electing to be the bigger person and walk away
But I am stronger now so I will have my say
All those who stepped on my toes and made me feel small
You helped me construct walls that were tall
But now they tumble down around me so that I can shine
I can finally step out and claim what has always been mine
You have made me see the true value of me
I am stronger than any of you haters will ever be
Because I choose to build up those that are so afraid
I try to show them the talents and strengths from which they are made
You choose to prey on those who are kind of heart
And slowly you try to tear them down, rip them apart
Not because they are better or try to stand out
But because they make you worry, and fill you with doubt
You are afraid others will catch on to your scheme
Passing on lies and just being mean
One day all the truths and lies will be known
My fears will have healed and yours will have grown

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