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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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A Beautiful Day

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soul mates

A summer day in Newfoundland

Today is decidedly better than yesterday
On this day there is promise of something more
something wonderful
A new start emerges out of nowhere

Today the sun shines the wind whistles
and the water dances
the trees stand proud and gently sway
to the sounds of summer

People are smiling and the mood is
light and breezy
salt air fills my nostrils
no rain in sight

What a beautiful day

My eyes take in a soft palette of
blues and whites and vibrant green
the shoreline is speckled with soft
colored pebbles and boulders
of grey and black
sea glass of white green brown and purple
nestle among the rocks
seaweed urchins and crabs are
scattered across the beach

What a beautiful day

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