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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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soul mates

the bus ride to work is always a chore
ignoring people and trying not to be bored
but the ride this day was not the same
for this man introduced himself to us by name
he was a red-headed fellow wearing glasses and a smile
he would hold all of our attention for quite awhile
he would engage each person one by one
pulling information until he was done
then on to the next he would kid around
until the bus load was without a single frown
he was the most chipper guy I had ever seen
but he had every reason to be angry and mean
He had a bad accident and can no longer walk
but he made it his mission to have purposeful talk
to show people to live with joy and fun
because you never no when your day is done
bad things can happen when you least expect
love your life with honor and respect

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