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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
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They told me...

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soul mates

I was always told to never look straight into the sun.
It would damage my eyes, they said.
But they told me to look straight at the stars.
It's beautiful, they say.
Strange that.
Aren't the stars and the sun the same?

They tell me to never think of cutting down a tree.
It would destroy the animal habitat.
But it's fine to cut grass and block ant holes.
Ants are small, it doesn't matter.
Funny that.
The bigger the animal the more responsibility we feel we need to hold.

Always read your Horoscope, they say.
You might find yourself some luck or something different.
But religion tells me I must abide a routine.
They told me I would be punished if I stepped out of line.
Strange that.
How many ways of bringing out my personality have been brutally restricted?

You must learn how to express yourself, they told me.
But here are the rules:
You must do it through playing and listening to certain music.
You must not be different.
You must be the same as everyone else, but yet,
they want me to stand out.
If you be so kind, please tell me where the sense is in that.

Maybe if you let me out of this cage.
Maybe if you let me go and watched me
grow into something wonderful, you’d see the
Personality that hides within these regulations.
Let us out. Let us be free.
We are our own person.
Let us out. Let us out...

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