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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
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Why should life be complicated, anyway?

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soul mates

You know that feeling when you want to
run around?
Remember that feeling when you want to
just jump through someone's window for fun?
Or what about that feeling when you want to
start laughing uncontrollably after being
told off for causing so much trouble?
Those were the good days!

They were days filled with joy and
Those were the times where the sky was too low
to be a limit and the little garden den
had walls that ended at the edges of the universe.
I miss those days.
But I look forward to the ones that are yet to come.

I always think hard about what is going to come.
What job will I have? Will I even enjoy that job...
What friends will I make? Will any of them betray me...
Will I be living in a flat or mansion? How much will it cost...
Am I going to live alone? Do I want to live alone...

It doesn't matter, anyway.
I enjoy life. So should you.
Whatever has happened...has happened.
If it means a lot to you, cherish it.
If it hurts, let it go.
If you can't, at least try.
Never give up.
Confidence is everything.

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