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Robert Harris Robert Harris
Recommendations: 15

Monsters In My Milk

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She had a friend.

Pele was a peculiar cat.
He had no home.
Unable to walk, he didn’t venture far.

He dreamed of leaving the alley and seeing the rest of the city.
However, the thought of being laughed at worried Pele.

One mysterious night as the moon yawned and rocked back and forth.
Pele sat gazing up at the sky.

Suddenly two monsters jumped up from his milk.
Pele tumbled and bumbled on the ground.

Milk roared and flooded the alley.

Pele surfed up and over waves of milk.
But heights made him dizzy.

A submarine bobbled by.
He explored the depths of the streets.

Those pesky monsters were up to no good.

Pele hated sharing his treasures.
The streets can be very mean he thought.

Mean while the moon had fallen asleep.

He didn’t realize the sun awoke and peeked over the horizon.

It never occurred to him he'd ventured far from home.
Pele was scared and wasn't sure where he was.

Nothing around him looked liked the alley.
He wanted to go home.

Was the alley left or right? Pele sailed left.
Mr. Shark wanted Pele for dinner.

Pele was convinced nowhere was safe.
Suddenly he heard familiar sounds, what’s that noise?

It was the monsters. They grunted and growled.
Pele realized he was finally back in the alley.

The monsters had a welcome home present for Pele.
The alley was not a bad place after all.

Copyright Robert Harris (DarkLimitArts) @ 2011.

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