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I'm still a very young and inexperienced writer. I'm just about to turn 18 and have never published a work of mine.
I started serious creative writing at the age of 11 with silly fanfiction about my favorite bands at the time. I had never wrote stories with more than 30 words at this time so it was very different trying the new style.
I had this OLD! windows laptop that my mother had given me to play games on. I can still remember that I was so secretive about what I was doing. I was soon very proud of my little story and shared it with my mom and she has been my main editor and source of inspiration ever since.
It has been seven years since the first words of that silly fanfiction were written down. Since that time I'd like to say I've grown as a writer improving my skill and slowly gaining a style of my own.
I'm not sure where I want to go with my writing but I do know I want to share my gift with people. I was given the gift for a reason and I belive in sharing all I have been blessed with.
I belive I'm going to use scribeslice mainly for feed back on unfinished stories to see if people will actually enjoy what I've created. I do have some trouble moving the stories from my mind to paper. With that said I can say my stories may be confusing but don't be shy in telling me if they are. I hope to provide something that will really put joy in people's hearts as they read.

I enjoy writing because

It is an outlet for my creative overflow. it is also a different language that really only a few people are truly fluent in.

My best writing advice

Never write something you wouldn't read yourself.

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