Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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i can see your trouble, my beauty queen.

Every now and again I can't help but feel down and it's...

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Jessy Andrews Jessy Andrews
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Empty Concentration, Sweet Obliviousness

Empty Concentration Sweet Obliviousness Written by: Jes...

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Erika Jones Erika Jones
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A poem by Salem Hazi'im; Nightmare

A poem by Salem Hazi'im Nightmare The world is a rough...

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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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If Misery Loves Company, Why Do I Still Remain A...

As I age I fear I've completely lost myself in those da...

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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
Recommendations: 15

I Desire (and none other)

her skin will be smooth (like tofu is soft). her eyes w...

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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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I wish my boyfriend's family didn't struggle with money...

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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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The Man Who Waits

He waits for his doctor. To tell him the news. Perhaps ...

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Mitchel Bailey Mitchel Bailey
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One More Step

One more step on the road into the light

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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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Murder in the Senseless

I saw the face of a young man, lying in a pool of bloo...

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Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
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If only you could walk my way, And hear the sounds I he...

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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
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Author's Clog

Here I sit My pen in hand A fresh blank page Glaring up...

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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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It is not that I have written this with any pre-thought...

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Kitchera Hicks Kitchera Hicks
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soul mates

I was walking alone. I had been crushed. My soul had be...

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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For Charlie

For Charlie When the shadow fades, you’ll be in Heav...

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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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God loves idiots and little children.

I wonder why it is that The older that I get The more ...

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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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I Never Forgot About You

The very first time I saw her I was delivering a packag...

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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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When Words Hurt Most

What is a knife compared to words, Words that stay in y...

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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Like an Old Barn

Just like an old barn I'm standing Watching the world g...

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