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I have an Assignment for my History class that is stumping me. Probably the worst case of Writers block I've had.

I have to write a 1,600 word paper on the Constitutional Limits of the Federal Government.

I have no way how to start, nor do I have any idea how to keep it going.

All I'm asking for is some ideas, or some things to just get me started. This would be a great help if any of you could assist me.

Thank you,
Raven Roads

Raven Roads

18th September 2014

Just don't do what I did in high school and you should do ok.
Do the opposite of this list, a list of what I did wrong:

#1. Give a shit (you're already on the right path, since you are reaching out and asking for help)
#2. Going to class (sounds like you are since you know about the assignment, and already less than a month in- kudos(.
3. Stay awaay from drugs (they only bring problems.... various types: - women, money, jail, hospital, social statuses )

so all in all, just do your best!

Jordan Newman

19th September 2014

Hi Raven,

If you get stuck with writers block, try focusing on an outline first. Work on structure before content and it may get your writing juices flowing.

Perhaps think of sections like
- why the limits were put in place, situate the writing of the constitution in its correct time and compare that with the current day and talk about relevance or irrelevance or how far-thinking the creators were.
- connect the limits to current day events and where the constituional limits work and where they dont
- I remember going to university and the very BEST papers discussed dilemnas - can you discuss constitutional limits that create dilemnas: gun laws, abortion, taxation vs spending or something less dramatic. The best dilemnas take work - find something that is generally universally accepted as being positive and then search for the edge case that is a negative and focus on that.

Thats all I have right now! Good luck!

Jon Paul

Jon paul Janze

20th September 2014

Jon paul has given good advise. Gun Laws are definitely a hot topic and one for a great debate.

Cindy Beitinger

21st September 2014

I was thinking of starting out the paper by detailing the history of Constitutional Documents. Like the Magna Carta, English Bill of right, Articles of Confederation etc etc.

Then moving onto the differences between our constitution and other ones across the globe.

After that I wanted to discuss some of the controversial laws stated in our constitution like the 2nd Amendment and Taxation vs Spending.

But Im stuck on how to move flawlessly from subject to subject while staying formal and poised.

Along with that Im stuck on how to keep the paper interesting enough for the reader to still be intrigued by the end of the paper. I'm experienced in writing fiction and fantasy. With professional academic papers, I'm a bit of a novice.

Raven Roads

22nd September 2014

Hi Raven, sorry I didn't respond sooner, I hope you paper went fine. If you are still writing it, my only other feedback is that I think you might be going too broad by starting at comparison of others and then details of US.

Better to pick one (historical comparison or controversial in your own) than to marry the two. Unless you pick something controversial in your own and discuss it as a difference point in others and how/why that difference exists?

Too broad may come across as too 'light' in content and not focused enough - maybe :), it has been a very long time since I wrote a paper!!

Jon paul Janze

28th September 2014

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