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Decline in Activity

Lately, I've noticed a considerable drop in the activity on Scribeslice.
I am just curious if everyone is alright and if their lives are going smoothly.
I hope that they are and I'm sorry if this discussion impedes on your day.

Raven Roads

Raven Roads

24th September 2014

The activity flucuates here for reasons unknown. I asked the same question when I returned after a couple of months' absence and it seemed like a ghost town. I apologize for not having even begun to read your story yet, but will, please be patient. I am sure a lot of writers are like me and cannot fit everything we want/need to do into our crowded day.

Warren Gates

24th September 2014

Raven, I personally, don't get much time to read long stories, so tend to quickly scan the shorter ones. However, occasionally, I do read them too.
It does fluctuate, but hang in there.

Davide Castel

25th September 2014

Those of us veterans who have been here since the beginning or near to it can attest that it does fluctuate, like Warren and Davide said. It has been a bit slow this year more than others, but it'll come back. :)

Aaron Greene

25th September 2014

I know I'm very guilty of this....I know life tends to compel you away sometimes, but you always come back to the good things, like this site, and feel all the more grateful for the wonderful support it gave you. :) So I'm sure the people who appreciate this site will return when they can. Sometimes you need input before you can output, and you need inspiration, which is not always readily available. It would be nice if it was an ever flowing fountain, but speaking for myself I find when it runs dry you need something to happen before you can tap into your writing resources again, and depending on whats happening in your life that can be soon or can take a very long time. I think writing should be like an unconditional relationship or love, still the same no matter about the passage of time.

Leoni Carlson

28th September 2014

Hi Leoni...So glad you are still around.
What you have said, is what I have thought of, but could not put into words.
Look forward to seeing something from you, when the forces are with you.

Davide Castel

29th September 2014

Life is that way sometimes. You know...a decline in activity, and SC is no different. We all live our lives apart from SC and sometimes life gets very hectic. But I do know that SC is still as strong as ever. But I do miss my old buddies Don Yarber and Allen Clarke. Does anyone know Don Yarber's email? I would like to add him as a contact and say hello.

Daniel Bird

11th October 2014

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