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I am one of those people with a mind that never slows down.

I think of a hundred different stories a day, but I never have the drive to actually pen them.

Has there ever been a story that you thought of, but never wrote down?

Raven Roads

2nd October 2014


One of them deals with the end of the world. It only ends for the majority of people. It contuse to go on for a select number of people who are transported to a new world. It is filled with elves, dwarves, giants, and a great number of other beings who have been transported from their worlds as well.

It may even happen some day. (The story get written, I mean.)

Jim Miller

2nd October 2014

Yes Raven...I do still have many stories on my bucket list. My ideas are there but I cannot seem to put pen to paper for more than ten minutes.

I do still want to finish four half finished projects. I have slowed down quite a bit,
but I know if they are not finished by the time I die, I will die a restless soul.
I have music scores and movie ideas, which would make best sellers if they were ever to be completed.

However, I have a problem with time management and TIME!

Good luck with your ideas. You have the energy of youth behind you and can do whatever you chose to achieve.

Davide Castel

3rd October 2014

Yes. Lots of ideas but not enough time to develop all of my ideas and characters.

Cindy Beitinger

4th October 2014

Sometimes ideas come to mind but once I start writing seem to lose their appeal. However I just store them up for a later date to use in another story, such as an idea some years ago for a story I had entitled "The great Slideshow Swindle" (as a working title)

It involved a couple that went overseas for a holiday. When they returned they showed a slideshow of their holiday but one of the neighbours that was watching became aware that he/she had seen the slideshow before (for some reason).

This motivated the neighbour's curiosity and he/she became convinced the couple had not travelled to the destination, but in fact had borrowed the slides from a friend, somehow added themselves into the photos by Photoshop (or some other method) and tricked everyone into believing they had travelled to a certain destination.

I wrestled with various scenarios, plot developments, reason for the deception, spent time figuring out from who's view point it should be taken from and ended up tiring of the who concept.

Maybe one day I'll take it out of the archives and see what I can do with it, but for now it is sitting in limbo.

Leslie Blackwell

6th October 2014

I try to write stories!! I think of stories all of the time and the characters who would be in them! I actually spent a whole year working on one, revising and rewriting and thought it was finished and several times nearly pushed the little computer key to send it to Scribeslice, perhaps someday.... or like Leslie said, maybe the story has lost it's appeal in some small way. I too have time management issues as well as confidence issues that stop me dead in my tracks when I try to write. I do have a tiny Sony recorder which fits in my pocket that I speak thoughts or potential song lyrics into when I am not near pen and paper or laptop.
I have had a short story in my head for a while about a very geriatric woman who has very lucid dreams about her childhood. I have written 2 paragraphs, about a year ago.

Warren Gates

7th October 2014

Raven, I also have many stories I have ideas for but they just don't pan out for the moment. Right now it is my time constraints because I am working, volunteering my time and going to school. But like Leslie said above if I can't make it flow in my short span of free time at the moment I save it for later when it might go much smoother.

Deborah Boydston

20th October 2014

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