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Leaving Scribeslice

As of Today I am officially leaving Scribeslice and moving to another writing site. Its been a great year with y'all but my stuff isn't really getting any reception here.

Thank you for making me a better writer and I wish you all a good life.

Raven Roads

Raven Roads

5th November 2014

Well, that is the problem with Scribeslice, the small community. At the same time, it's also why I'm here and not somewhere else, t feels quite chummy here. Sad to see anyone go, but I feel that I can say, on behalf of everyone at Scribeslice, that you are always welcome back here.

Alex Makridakis

6th November 2014

Sorry to hear. I've been here since a few months past the beginning and this is nothing new. Many a good writers have said goodbye. Some have come back, but others say goodbye and head off to other horizon's. But as Alex said, you're always welcome to return.

Best of luck to ya! :)

Aaron Greene

6th November 2014

All the best Raven. Take care! We'll be right here if and when you decide to return.

Cindy Beitinger

6th November 2014

You know, there really isn't a reason why you can't be a member of multiple writing communities. Not saying what you can and cannot do, but it just seems like you would be reaching more people being a member of both communities as opposed to leaving one for another.

Taylor Lanson

11th November 2014

Hi Raven, sorry to see that you are leaving us here at Scribeslice. Taylor Lawson is quite correct in his the fact that you may be part of as many writing communities as you wish. I am also part of, thought not always as active, Writers Network and another that I sometimes (every blue moon or so) contribute to.

Your free membership with ScribeSlice is not effected by the amount of creations you post, read, appraise or even how often.

Any how if you are committed to changing to another site then I wish you all the best with your writing carrier. I think you have a lot of good talent.

Leslie Blackwell

13th November 2014

Hi Raven, sad to see you go - I always enjoyed your writing! You are always welcome here and I encourage you to keep your profile and writing here as it will continue to get exposure and interest. Good luck with your writing no matter what!

Jon paul Janze

19th November 2014

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